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June 2018

From Our Youth Director

             There were two boys who were brothers and they were as much alike as they were different.  They both loved pizza and soda pop, they both had disabilities, and they both wanted the same things in their future: a wife, a family, a home of their own.  Sadly they never saw eye to eye.  One was a Republican, the other a Democrat.  One believed in global warming, the other supported the opposite.  As they grew up, one watched his older brother do and have everything he wanted for himself: the freedom to run, play, jump on trampolines, and have friends.  Because he was too sick, the younger brother could only watch from the couch or the window at what he longed desperately for.  Twenty years later, the roles are reversed.  Due to a mental disability, the older brother can not have what the younger (now healthier) brother couldn't have.  Living independently, having a girlfriend, and obtaining a career are things out of reach. I don't know how the story ends, but I am faithful that each brother will meet each other in the middle - both accepting the things that God gifted them for lives and embracing each other's differences.  Like so many Bible stories about siblings, families are full of drama and strife. Cain and Abel, Joseph's beautiful coat of many colors, the prodigal son are just starters.  God gave us the law to love our neighbors (aka brothers and sisters) as we love ourselves.  This one is a hard one for me as I hold many grievances and grudges for my only brother.  It's one of the many flaws I need to pray about it.  Many of us in youth have siblings and there is always something to complain about! Especially when they are making us angry or we feel injustice has occurred.  Remember in the times of sibling despair, that God gave us families for a reason. When we need someone, our family will be there.  If your sibling is really giving you a hard time, pray for patience, understanding, and love.  God understands!








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                        June Youth Events

FLC Youth Group (grades 6 to 12)


             Starting the last day of school, the FLC Youth group (grades 6-12) welcome in the incoming 6th graders!  If you will be going into the 6th grade in Fall 2018, welcome!


June's Activities:


June 2 - FLC Youth Swim!  Meet at Memorial Pool.  7 p.m. to 9 p.m., ages up to 17, 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. ages 13 and up.  $3.00 admission.


June 13 - Summer Kick Off BBQ!  6 p.m. to 8 p.m.  Bring a meat (or veggie) to grill and a side dish to share!  Fun activities in the gym and a "get to know you" Bingo for our new youth members!


June 24 to 28 - Help  with VBS!  Sign up on the board in the fellowship hall.  Think tropical island and see Carla to sign up and for details!



*Dates are subject to change.



FLC Families 


Vacation Bible School

June 24-28


Sunday, June 24 begins five nights of fun at FLC!  We’ll start with

dinner at 6:00p.m. followed by stories, crafts, games, and singing. 

Activities will end by about 8:15p.m.  We will conclude Thursday

evening with our annual potluck in the fellowship hall.  All in the

congregation are invited!

Children age 4 to those entering 6th grade are invited to

participate, older youth are invited to help in various ways.

Registration forms will be sent in May to FLC families with

children, and forms will also be available on the table in the fellowship hall.


    Please sign up ASAP so we can plan appropriately!


There will also be a sign-up for areas where we need those

willing to serve, like providing food, or being a crew leader or a



Kids ~ don’t forget to invite a friend!


*Dates are subject to change.