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June 2019

From Our Youth Director

    Already we are looking at summer.  Graduation is upon us and soon we will be basking in brilliant sunlight and my family will be headed for the air conditioning. Acclimating to the Ellensburg summer actually makes my family and I physically ill.  Headaches, nausea, and fatigue are the usual symptoms. After a couple days we are good to go, but man until then!  We do love the warmth, though, so until 1:30 p.m. in the summer we do great!  You can move a family from the westside, but you can’t take the westside out of the family!  Aside from acclimating to the new temperatures, we have a huge adjustment headed our family’s way.  Our one and only Maddie is headed to college.  Maddie has been a huge supporter and sidekick for my youth director position and has enabled our family to survive the needs of my academic career as well as my now Academic Advisor career.  Making dinners, keeping all three boys in line when I’m at work, helping set up youth events, and keeping us booked with after school activities, has been a mainstay for the past 6 years.  While we are not “losing” her to college per say, we are realizing there will be a pretty big empty space when she’s gone.  

    This new chapter in our lives has shaped the way our Youth Summer looks.  I have cut back on our activities, keeping only the main ones, and enabled parents with ideas to do things to step in and offer opportunities such as BBQs and a rafting trip.  If a hike or chill at the church day isn’t on the calendar, start texting and get a group to go explore Boulder Cave or play Badminton!  (But please check with the church office to make sure the church is available.)

    Our Youth Summer is up on the board at church and flyers are available. Some details need to be refined, and as always, be flexible to changes in events due to weather, wildfires, and other extenuating circumstances!   Come spend time with us as you can, get lots of rest and relaxation in this summer, and we will hit the ground running when we come back for fall!








For more information or to be put on the email list for Youth Activities please, contact our Youth Director at:




June, July, August Youth Events

FLC Youth Group (grades 6 to 12)


June 14 – Trip to Cashmere - leave Church at 10 am (all youth!) Bowling and pizza lunch, Swimming, Applets & Cotlets tour, etc.  Bring $4 for Swimming admission, $4 for beverage at lunch, extra money for fro-yo and whatever at Smallwood’s Harvest fruit stand.


June 23 to 27 – VBS (all youth and their families!)   5:00 pm at Church  We need leaders, readers, and craft experts!  Sign up to help!  Dinner provided!


July 24 – Valley Riders Saddle Club night show   5:30 pm  (all youth!)

Meet at church no later than 5 p.m.  I will need 3 adult chaperones and drivers.


July 28 – Movie Matinee (all youth!)   Church at 2 p.m.


Aug 3 – Tentative Yakima River Float (all youth!) *this is a Youth Parent Sponsored event                                

    Meet at church, time to be determined.  Can and will be rescheduled if necessary due to weather, wildfire smoke, and change in sponsor’s plans


Aug 13 – Trip to Moses Lake   Leave at 10:30 am  (all youth!) Cost: $13 for ages up to 17, $14 for ages 18 and up.  Bring a towel, sunscreen, water, a sack lunch (or money for the snack bar). 

I will need drivers.


Aug 21 – End of Summer BBQ   6:00 pm   (all youth!) place to be announced good food, good fun, and a great way to end the summer!


Aug 25 – High School Haunted Maze meeting after church

    Planning meeting for work parties, blue prints, create supply list, etc.





 *Dates are subject to change.