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July/August 2019

From Our Youth Director

              It’s been a crazy month for my family.  Life is generally busy and chaotic in my home, but this month has been off the charts!  Graduation, college orientation, out of state family coming and going have been our weekly themes – in that order!  My mother and stepfather have been visiting for a couple days and my mother needed to use my phone charger.  Upon returning it, I had several things going at the moment and I remember the clear voice telling me, “if you don’t put this back where it belongs, you will lose it”.  Sure enough, the charger went missing.  Mark and I looked “everywhere” – even in the ridiculous places it wouldn’t be, and we couldn’t find it.  This morning I decided to indulge myself by sitting down for breakfast before everyone was up and the day started.  I relaxed, took a bite of my meal, and looked up.  There was my charger hanging from the fruit/veggie basket hook, draping over the lemons.  How does it happen that when we are feverishly looking for something, we can never find it? Yet when we stop and take a moment, we can see what we have been seeking is right there in front of us.  I think the Bible is the same way.  When we are rushing through and looking really quick for a passage or some words of wisdom, we don’t get the words that quite articulates the moment we are in.  However, when we stop for a bit, take a moment to read, and really hear what is being said, the words have more applicable meaning.

My summer to do list:


Read the Bible

Hear the messages I need to hear.

Find several things I have been looking for.









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July and August Youth Events

FLC Youth Group (grades 6 to 12)


July 14 – Hanging out at the lake - Irene Reinhart Park.  Head over

after church with a towel, snacks/lunch, water, sunscreen, etc.


July 24 – Valley Riders Saddle Club night show   5:30 pm  (all youth!)

Meet at church no later than 5 p.m.   I will need 3 adult chaperones and drivers.


July 28 – Dinner and a Movie Matinee (all youth!)   Church at 6 p.m.  *new time!


Aug 3 – Tentative Yakima River Float (all youth!) *this is a Youth

Parent Sponsored event                                

Meet at church, time to be determined.  Can and will be rescheduled if necessary due to weather, wildfire smoke, and change in sponsor’s plans


Aug 13 – Trip to Moses Lake   Leave at 10:30 am  (all youth!)

Cost: $13 for ages up to 17, $14 for ages 18 and up.  Bring a towel, sunscreen, water, a sack lunch (or money for the snack bar).  I will need drivers.


Aug 21 – End of Summer BBQ   6:00 pm   (all youth!)

place to be announced good food, good fun, and a great way to end the summer!


Aug 25 – High School Haunted Maze meeting after church

Planning meeting for work parties, blue prints, create supply list, etc.






 *Dates are subject to change.