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October 2018

From Our Youth Director

             There is something to be said about pulling weeds in the desert.  The sun is hot, the air is dry, and the roots run deep.  In fact they travel, but that’s a gripe for another time.  You see, my father’s home is across the street from a sea of Joshua trees and fine sand.  The sand blows onto their yard and the weeds manage to rise above it to produce wild looking thorny tails that sway in the wind.  If you get them in the morning, they are much easier to pull, but if you wait until the sun is overhead, get a shovel.  It used to be that you could look across the street you would only see the sand and trees.  It was peaceful and majestic – especially during sunset.  Now urban sprawl has taken over and in the not so far distance buildings and new construction can be seen.  The sunsets are still breathtaking.  After calling many stubborn weeds names like “monster” or “evil”, I thought of how weeds were like the sins in our lives.  Some are easy to pull, like telling a lie about not having homework after school to do something fun.  You confess that you have homework and do it instead (weed is pulled).  Some are more difficult like talking about someone behind their back or treating someone hatefully -perhaps even bullying.  You need to work really hard by apologizing and taking back what you have said – maybe even do some damage control (weed had to be tugged and dug up).  Once that weed is gone, however, there is a sense of relief and health that comes in place of having something toxic (or invasive) in your life.  We have the best sin/weed repellent in our life – our Christian faith.  The heavenly father keeps us on the right track with the bible and helping us to live less sinful lives through the lessons of the gospel.  He teaches us to forgive, to help those who can’t help themselves, love despite bad things or people in our lives, and above all to praise him in our thoughts and our actions.  Think about how you can pull the weeds (sin) out of your life.  Sins happen and will keep happening just like weeds.  It is our job to make sure that the weeds/sins don’t take over the yard/our lives.  Is there someone you owe an apology?  Is the gossip out of hand?  Is there a toxic friendship you need to let go of?   Get those garden gloves on and start pulling.











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                    October Youth Events

FLC Youth Group (grades 6 to 12)


October 6 – 12th Man Fundraiser Decorating Party.  BYOH (bring your own hummus!)  3 – 5 pm with pizza afterwards.  Help us transform the Fellowship hall into a Seahawk wonderland!  Come early to get a peek on what’s left from the rummage sale!


October 7 – 12th Man Fundraiser!  We are raising money for the Lazy F’s new dining hall!  Bring your food to the kitchen and wear your favorite team’s colors and gear.  Is your favorite team the EHS Bulldogs?  Bring it on!  Be at church early, we are greeting!


October 10 – Family Fun Night 5:30 to 8:30 pm.  Come in costume!  Spooky dinner will be provided and lots of games for all ages!


October 21 – Annual trip to Huffman Farms pumpkin patch.  Meet at the patch at 1 pm.  Bring money for the pumpkins, food, souvenirs, and games.  Free admission. Only the “Pumpkin Chuck” game and corn maze is provided.  Let Amy know if you need a ride.



Tentative: October 20,26, OR 27 - High School Youth to the Lazy F Haunted Forest.  (waiting on more details)








*Dates are subject to change.