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February 2019

From Our Youth Director

             Bravery and faith go hand in hand.  Sometimes you must be both brave and faithful at the same time.  For me, I have needed my faith to help me keep being brave. Standing up and facing adversity isn’t as glamorous as it seems in the movies or on tv.  Society and our justice system is much more complicated than an easy turning in the bad guy/gal and locking him up forever. The crowd of bullied students don’t always stand up in a large group behind the unlikely hero and help defeat the bully.  There is rarely a sudden change of heart in the corrupt when the musical score changes or when the villain suddenly discovers love and humanity. Perhaps this is why it’s so hard to be a hero in reality.  There is also never a “good” moment to be a hero.  It’s uncomfortable, awkward, and sometimes embarrassing.  It’s not uncommon to get a sick feeling in your stomach or start to sweat from nervousness.  Sometimes you might even cry.  There’s no round of applause, or confetti falling through the air after standing up for what you believe in. It’s so important to remember that in this hyper sensitive world we live in, we still stand up for what is right and just.  We must be diligent in our prayers and be understanding through God’s love when someone else doesn’t step forward and do the same.  We must be ever ready to speak out, stand up, and/or testify on behalf of ourselves or others no matter how scary or hard it may be when something wrong is happening.  I think of myself “suiting up” in God’s armor – much like Tony Stark does to become Iron Man.  I see myself putting on layers of faith, trust, and prayer as God’s love acts as a suit of armor as I walk into the parent-teacher-principle meeting, go into the police station to give my witness statement, or confront a hateful kid bullying another.  It’s never easy and the end result doesn’t always mean the situation changes or the person creating the conflict goes away.  Sometimes it takes time or another person standing up like you did to create that change.  Despite the situation, you get to know that throughout it all you played the part that will make a difference through being an example to others, creating awareness, and being an advocate for a world that Jesus taught us we should have.  That’s what makes you a real hero.  Go out and do good in the world.  Be a brave example of the truth, the way, and the light.




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                   February Youth Events

FLC Youth Group (grades 6 to 12)



Feb 1 – 2 (all youth) – Confirmation and High School Retreat! Confirmation crew – meet with Pastor while High School crew meets with Amy for lessons/bible study.  During free time, it’s all fun and games (literally)!  Leave Friday afternoon, come back Saturday evening.  See Pastor for more details.



Feb 3 (all youth) – Souper Bowl Sunday! Grab a pot, choose a side, and collect the donations for FISH food bank as congregation members leave the sanctuary after service!  Meet Amy in the kitchen after communion.



Feb 10 (all youth) – Pastor, I shrunk the Youth!  2 pm to 6 pm!    Come through the church doors and find yourself faced with games fit for giants!  In the gym – you are the game pieces!  Find JENGA that goes up 5 ft in the air! 



Feb 23 (any youth) – Clean up for Camp Funds!  We’ve been hired to wash dishes after the PEO women’s lunch group is done.  All money earned goes to the camp funds used to support our youth who go to camp (which is very expensive).  All youth invited – many hands makes light work!  Meet in the church kitchen at noon!








 *Dates are subject to change.