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April 2019

From Our Youth Director

             The wonderful thing about being a youth leader is that every year is different.  Watching the youth grow and see their personalities develop as they grow into young adults is the gift of the planning and work that I do. When I first started, I unofficially represented myself on church council, but since that very beginning I have had the honor of two amazing Christians serve on council to represent the Youth.  Boy did I keep those two busy!  Sheila and Deb are not only my sisters in Christ, but have become my closest friends.  Sheila continues to bless my life by being a steadfast listener and enriching my work week by leading WOW (Worship on Wednesdays).  Deb continues to be my right-hand partner in activities.  She is my life preserver and helps to run for extra “fluff,” cutting veggies, or anything else I need during an event.  She truly makes our events successful!  I now would like to introduce our new council representative, Eric Merten.  Already he has been the calm in chaos that surround our events that serve the congregation!  I am looking forward to his steadfast leadership and support as the youth continues to grow, change, and develop. I know that the journey that lays ahead will strengthen us as a team leading our youth not only as a brother and sister in Christ, but also as future life-long friends.






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                   April Youth Events

FLC Youth Group (grades 6 to 12)



April 3 – Lenten devotional and soup dinner (all youth!)                                                         Meet Amy in the adult school room for devotional after soup dinner!


April 10 – Youth’s turn to provide soup dinner (all youth!)                                                         Sign up to bring your soup or bread!  Meet in the kitchen to set up and help serve about 5 p.m.!


April 14 – Christ Cab starts at 1 pm (all youth!)                                                           Get into one of our four Christ Cabs and answer trivia on your way to Super One market.  Answer correctly, and you get a voucher to pick up supplies for our ice cream sundae bar.  Answer wrong, and you get dropped off at one of our chaperoned locations and wait for the next available cab! 


April 20 – Easter Breakfast Prep 10 am to 12 pm (all youth!)                                     Help set up for our first big fundraiser of the year!  Dye real eggs, fill plastic ones, decorate tables, etc.


April 21 – Easter Sunday Breakfast shifts start at 7 am (all youth!) 

Sign up for a shift and something to bring!


2019 Seniors:                                                                                                                                         I need a copy of your senior photo for the graduation board!


April 27 – Rodeo City Roller Girls Game Derby has been changed to May 11 (sorry seniors – I know this is Prom!)     Watch our own RCRG team in action!  Times to be announced, meet at EHS! I will need 2 more adults to help Chaperone.










 *Dates are subject to change.