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December 2018

From Our Youth Director

             Something profound happened to me the other night when I went to check the activity sign-up sheet.  I found one of our members sitting quietly hosting a homeless shelter.  It made perfect sense as the highs at 3:00 a.m. have been 24 degrees, well below freezing.  If it’s too cold to walk my dogs in the morning, then it sure as heck is too cold to sleep outside.  Alas, people have to.  It was then that I remembered what being a Christian meant to me:  loving our neighbors, doing unto others what we would have done to us, showing the agape love God gives us, sharing the news of Christ.  We forget sometimes how meaningful our actions are when we give selflessly.  Volunteering, donating, supporting – it all makes a difference in other people’s lives.  I was raised on the saying, “actions speak louder than words”.  How true it is when you are giving a bit of your time and energy to someone who has nothing more than a sleeping bag and a few spare shirts.  Suddenly my worries seemed so minimal. As we go into this holiday season that’s full of crazy chaos, don’t forget those whose lives are made better by us giving a little bit of time, a few cans of food, an extra bottle of shampoo, and even a prayer or two.  It’s hard when you are at school, but it can be done.  Think of ways you can help those who might need a knit hat or scarf from our giving tree.  Pack an extra lunch and drop it off in the office for any kid who was denied their free lunch because of the computer system.  Above all, thank our congregation members who continuously support our homeless shelter, our youth’s activities and events, our food bank, our bereavement committee, and so much more that our church does.  Everything we all do makes the entire year, not just the holiday season, a blessing!












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                    December Youth Events

FLC Youth Group (grades 6 to 12)



December 1 – Cookie and Cocoa party!  6 pm to 8 pm  Bring a plate of your favorite holiday cookies to share and make some with your friends for Fellowship the next day!  Homemade cocoa will be served.  Christmas karaoke, sing along Frozen, plus more fun!


December 9 – Caroling after Church!  Meet in the church kitchen after church fellowship and get ready to sing carols to our friends and shut ins in the community!  A light lunch will be served!


December 12 – Scandinavian Dinner!  High School Youth help with the beverages, Middle School Youth help the little ones carry trays (they get dressed up, you follow behind them to make sure the cookies don’t fall!).  Meet by the kitchen at 5 p.m.


January 1 – PJ Pancake Breakfast!  Kick off the New Year with your pals in pjs!  9 a.m. to 11 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall!






 *Dates are subject to change.