Church Council

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First Lutheran Church Council Minutes – June 13, 2023


Council Members present: Debbie Butler, Jan McElroy, Joslyn LaVera, Ida Malde, Pete Petersen, Kara Danna, Don Meseck, Eric Merten

Council members absent:   Levi Winter

Non-council members present: Pastor Dennis Hickman, Julie Anna Boss, Isabella Weidert


Devotions were given by Kara Danna.


 The August devotions will be given by Debbie Butler.


It was moved by Pete, seconded by Joslyn, and passed to approve the May 2023 council minutes.


Old Business:

The radio program is receiving more funding.

The new booklet finisher is set up and training is beginning. A new agreement will be made with the Yakima company.


Patty Akers and Jim Stolte are training new people on operating the sound system- still working on the YouTube sign in process with Doug Fessler.


The AED is in the kitchen and Julie Anna is working on getting training scheduled, not necessarily certification.



New Business:

June 10 work party on the play equipment was good but rained out; more work will be scheduled later.


Ushers- Should we have 1 at the front door as a greeter and 1 at the Sanctuary door to hand out bulletins?




Pastor’s Report: - See attached for the full report

The pastor’s written report was given to council. Items and council discussion included:

Jan moved and Pete gave second to give $500 from Thrivent Dollars to Lazy F Camp to help buy a bus.

Al’s backflow will get the backflow testing done.



Kara had no updates to report and has received no requests. JulieAnna reported that VBS will be doing a back to school item collection for local elementary schools.


Worship and Music:

Don reported that the piano is still available and will be listed at the fall rummage sale if not gone.



Pete reported that Counters are stepping up and it is wonderful how the congregation steps up when there is a wish and/or need.



Youth and Education:

     Teachers are finishing up with Sunday School and it is hoped the Youth will              step up and teach during the summer.

    The nursery is still available during the summer.

     VBS plans are coming along.


Congregational Life:

     Music Fest was fun and well attended.

     The Fall Potluck is scheduled for September 10 after Service.


Property Management:

     Plumber is coming June 20th to install the new faucets in the men’s restroom and check the leaks in the bathrooms and hall water fountain.

     The mowing is being paid for by Glenn Madsen.

     The flower bed weeding keeps the beds looking great.



South Property:

Weeding and beauty bark is being done.



New people are being trained to operate the sound system.


Financial Report: See attached for a full report.

We are in the black going into summer which is hopeful for the remainder of the year.

The Campership line item on the Balance Sheet will return. Pete moved and Jan made second to put $1000 Thrivent Choice Dollars into the fund to assist any kids who want to go to camp this year or in the future.


·        Contributions to FISH for May totaled $747.00.




·        The next council meeting will be held on Tuesday August 8th at 6:30pm.


·         The meeting was adjourned with prayer.


Respectfully submitted by Jan McElroy.

Pastor’s report to church council June 13, 2023


1.As cluster dean, I led pastor Chris Peterson’s installation service at Christ Lutheran, Yakima on Sun May 21.  A number of First Lutheran people attended, too!


2. On May 21, we welcomed new members Brian Hickman and Jeff & Kathy Ziegler.  The Karns family and John Fisher will be joining us soon.  Hopefully June 25th.


3. The spring Music Fest went well before worship on May 21st.  Thanks to all our musicians and to Ida Malde for arranging it.


4. Many thanks to our Quilters for the beautiful quilts given to our 5 High School graduates on Sun June 4th.  Thanks to Patty Akers for the cupcakes afterwards!


5. We now have an AED.  Currently stored on the kitchen counter.  Thanks to Julie Anna for researching and purchasing it.


6. I gathered the pastors in our cluster last Tues June 6th for our monthly pastor’s Bible study and support group at Central Lutheran, Yakima.


7. NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) starts meeting here on Tues June 20th, 6:30-8pm. First and third Tuesdays hereafter.


8. Red Cross blood drive in our gym yesterday June 12th went well.


9. I’m planning vacation for July 10 through Aug 6.  Julie Anna Boss is preaching on July 16.  Warren Street will preach July 23 & 30.  And Sheila Johnson will preach Aug 6.  Thank you very much!


10. Central Nursery informed us on June 5th that they are no longer doing backflow testing.  So now we are rushing to get backflow testing done on the irrigation system.


11. I suggest we give a few hundred dollars to Lazy F Camp to help with their transporting of Ellensburg kids out to the camp this summer.  Lazy F is buying a used bus and gas money is always needed.  About 25 kids need daily transport.


Next meeting Tues Aug 8th? (Ida and I are both out of town on July 11).  Devotions?


Peace in Christ, Pastor Dennis