January 11, 2021

First Lutheran Church Council Minutes – January 11, 2021

Council Members present: JulieAnna Boss, Debbie Butler, Ida Malde, Jennifer Campbell, Eric Merten, Sheila Johnson, Jess Holcomb

Council members absent: Jan McElroy, Rod Johnson

Non-council members present: Pastor Dennis Hickman, Isabella Weidert

Devotions were given by Pastor Dennis

The February devotions will be given by Sheila Johnson.

It was moved by Sheila Johnson, seconded by Debbi Butler, and passed to approve the December 2020 council minutes.

Old Business:

· The cutting of trees was approved by the city council, waiting on the contractor. The city needs to contact the contractor.

· The sagging phone line in the alley will be fixed by Consolidated Communications

· 60 people on YouTube the previous Sunday, average is 50.

New Business:

· Moved by Eric Merten to make JulieAnna Boss the FLC treasurer, seconded by Sheila Johnson. Was passed and approved.

· Plan for “Thank You” event with Carla and Christine when we can all get together again.


Pastor’s Report: - See attached for the full report

The pastor’s written report was given to council. Items and council discussion included:


· Nothing to report

Worship and Music:

· Absent


· Will have 1 more announcement to turn in Time and Talent Sheets before compiling and sharing with appropriate personnel.


· Central Lutheran in Yakima gave a scholarship for our church to attend the Extravaganza training seminar on youth. Please let JulieAnna know if you’re interested. It’s on Feb 4, 5, 6

· Souper Bowl will be doing something, not sure what at this time. Money collected will either go towards FISH or weekend nutrition

· Youth Gathering in July 2022, $800-1500/person

Congregational Life:

· Rejoice sound of music was fine

· Working with JuliaAnna quite a bit

Property Management:

· New doors installed, trimmed, and looking great!

· Trees (refer to Old Business)

South Property:

· Doing great, kept rent flat due to COVID

· All tenants are making it ok, incomes are down

Financial Report: See attached for a full report

· Ended the year $35,805 in the black

· Contributions to FISH for December totaled $947 and 61 lbs food.

Sheila Johnson moved and Ida Malde 2nd that the budget be presented at the annual meeting. It was passed


· The next council meeting will be held on Monday February 8th.

· The meeting was adjourned with prayer.

Respectfully submitted by Jess Holcomb.