July 13, 2021

First Lutheran Church Council Minutes – July 13, 2021

Council Members present: Debbie Butler, Jan McElroy, Eric Merten, Rod Johnson, Ida Malde, Pete Petersen, Jay Ragland

Council members absent: Sheila Johnson, Jennifer Campbell

Non-council members present: Julie Anna Boss and Bella Weidert

Welcome to Pete Petersen!!!

Devotions were given by Debbie Butler.

The September devotions will be given by Ida Malde.

It was moved by Jan McElroy, seconded by Debbie Butler, and passed to approve the June 2021 council minutes.

Old Business: We continue to work on filling the Financial Secretary position, two people have been asked but no commitment yet.

The website will be up and running soon, technology issues are being addressed so more rooms can use videos and have access shared.

New Business:

Council members were each provided a copy of the by-laws as a refresher for each committee and the purpose and function of the committees.


Pastor’s Report: - The pastor’s written report was given to council; he was on vacation.


Weekend nutrition is off for the summer and will begin again in the fall

FISH is providing meals to kids and FLC is assisting on Wednesdays

Are we having a Rummage Sale this year?

Discussion was had for a project for the ELCA God’s work, our hands, a decision and details to follow

Worship and Music:

Choir will start in October


Jay met with Jess Holcumb and will continue requesting the congregation to give and

co-ordinate the Time and Talent sheets. Pete Petersen will be joining the committee

Youth and Education:

Julie Anna is to be congratulated for getting 15 youth to Lutherhaven for a successful week. Some of the kids want to return as workers next year to raise funds for the national assembly.

VBS August 1-5 is seeking more volunteers

Sunday School will resume in September

To think about: How can we support the youth to achieve their goal of attending the national assembly?

Congregational Life:

Thinking about a Rally Sunday for the start of Sunday School in September, maybe a lunch after worship

Property Management:

Side door signs are ready to put up

Waiting for cooler weather to paint outside and stain the fence

South Property:

Roof is bolted to the facial boards making the replacement project more complex, waiting on a bid from a roofing company

Lease terms are being negotiated for about a 5% increase

Financial Report:

See attached for a full report

FISH received $377.50


The next council meeting will be held on Tuesday September 14th with no ministry meetings being held in person at this time.

The meeting was adjourned with prayer.

Respectfully submitted by Jan McElroy.