June 14, 2021

First Lutheran Church Council Minutes – June 14, 2021

Council Members present: Debbie Butler, Jan McElroy, Rod Johnson, Jennifer Campbell, Jay Ragland, Sheila Johnson

Council members absent: Ida Malde, Jay Ragland, Eric Merten

Non-council members present: Pastor Dennis Hickman, Julie Anna Boss, Isabella

Devotions were given by Rod Johnson and July devotions will be done by Debbie Butler.

It was moved by Sheila Johnson, seconded by Debbi Butler, and passed to approve the May 2021 council minutes as corrected in the changing to “God’s work, our hands”

Old Business: Continued discussion on how to break up the duties of Jim Stolte’s position. Isabella is willing to add to her work hours for some of them. It was found that some of the duties are duplicated by Jim and the Treasurer; this practice will stop.

Members of council are encouraged to keep asking for help until someone is found.

New Business: A potential member wants to join council but only can if the meetings are changed to the second Tuesday of each month. Jan McElroy moved and Jennifer Campbell seconded, Passes. Next council meeting will be Tuesday July 13.

Pete Petersen is our newest council member.


Pastor’s Report: - See attached for the full report

The pastor’s written report was given to council. Items and council discussion included: Discussion was had on how to get more to attend the ministry meetings; council members will give talks during announcements.

Pastor will be on vacation July 12-25 and Aug 9-22, Warren Street will lead in July and Pastor Mary Johnson in August.

Outreach: FISH food bank is asking FLC to assist in bagging and handing out lunches for the summer program at Morgan Middle School each Wednesday June 23 to the end of August.

Eric Merten will ask for help

Worship and Music: Hopefully choir will start in the fall, Pastor will call Tor.

Stewardship: Jay Ragland is having difficulty reaching Jess for information and thoughts but will keep trying and can use some help on the committee.

Youth and Education : Vacation Bible school will be Aug 1-5, help is needed. 15 youth will be attending Lutherhaven.

Congregational Life: Ida Malde was absent but reported to Pastor the Spring music festival on May 23rd went well.

The cupcake reception for the high school graduates on June 6th went well.

Thanks to the quilters for the beautiful quilts given as gifts.

Property Management: JulieAnna passed out a written report showcasing the many projects being done on the church building, grounds and south property. The volunteers are asked to keep track of hours spent to show the time and money saved by having them help out.

South Property: JulieAnna reported the facial board around the building below the roof needs to be replaced; contractors will be asked to bid on it. A member has offed to pay for it.

Financial Report: See attached for a full report

· There is a surplus due to some large contributions in May which may be the yearly contributions from those people

· Contributions to FISH for May totaled $417 and 33 lbs

Other Business: JulieAnna reported the website is still being worked on by Doug Fessler and herself. Progress is being made.


· The next council meeting will be held on Tuesday July 13 with no ministry meetings.

· Council will not be meeting in August.

· The meeting was adjourned with prayer.

Respectfully submitted by Jan McElroy.

First Lutheran Property Maintenance

The annual fire inspection was performed by Joe Delvo. We had minor violations that were discussed but no need for re-inspection follow up by phone only.

1. He called Mircom the manufacture of alarm systems. He was able to secure the part needed to repair our panel. Alarm Ace installed the part and retested the system. Everything is working correctly again.

2. Some EXIT signs will need to have batteries replaced. Warren Street will be working on this in the next few weeks.

3. The two emergency exit alcoves have been an on and off again problem with homeless neighbors. We are to try the use of signs before we try anything else. The signs will be installed in the next few weeks. Once they are in place, the fire department will help inforce that no one blocks the emergency exit doors.

4. Several expired smoke detectors in the office area and fellowship hall were replaced by Brian McElroy. The cost of replacement was $90. It took about 3 hours of work.

Work completed by Brian McElroy for a total of 12 hours of work over several days. Total cost $122 for parts and materials.

1. Hung mirrors in women’s restrooms.

2. Hung art in Children’s Sunday school room.

3. Hung bulletin boards in hallway.

4. Hung “Church Only Parking” signs in alley.

5. Repaired back gate and damaged portion of the fence.

6. Replaced front door stop.

7. Placed rocks in alley to protect water controls and access.

Dennis Hickman dug out irrigation connections. Central nursery repaired pipes and controls. Dennis then replace the dirt (total hours for Dennis about 3).

Warren Street replaced the air system filters. They cost $98. It took him about 3 hours. Dennis Hickman assisted for about 1.5 hours.

The south property rear facial boards will need to be replaced due to some rot and deterioration before they can be painted. We are currently attempting to get estimates for the work. A member of the congregation has offered to pay for this work.

The replacement trees were purchased for $303. They will be planted in Reed Park by Dusty’s Nursery. There may be a fee associated with planting. However, we will be refunded our deposit of $400 by the city.