March 14, 2023

First Lutheran Church Council Minutes – March 14, 2023


Council Members present: Debbie Butler, Jan McElroy,  Joslyn LaVera, Ida Malde, Pete Petersen, Kara Danna, Levi Winter

Council members absent:   Eric Merten, Don Mesick

Non-council members present: Isabella Weidert


Devotions were given by Pete Petersen, Psalm 47.


 The April devotions will be given by Kara Danna.


It was moved by Pete, second by Joslyn and passed to approve the February 2023 council minutes.


Old Business:

The Giving Tree for Weekend Nutrition has brought in over $1000 so far.


The Kitchen Inventory system is going well for keeping supplies stocked.


The Soup Suppers average 25 people.


This is the last night for the Cold Weather Shelter at FLC.


Ida thanked Jan and Brian McElroy for spearheading the lighting project.

The gym roof is no longer leaking.


The AED is being ordered.


New Business:

FLC will have 1 Easter Service, brunch and an egg hunt.


The men’s bathroom by the kitchen has a leaky toilet that leaks up into the women’s drain.  The office will call Sala’s Drain.


There is a leak in the women’s bathroom in the addition; Brian McElroy will take a look.




Pastor’s Report: - See attached for the full report

The pastor’s written report was given to council and read aloud. Items and council discussion included:

An AED will cost about $750.



There was discussion on the coffee hours and expectations and to be sure to put out the donation jar to offset costs for coffee, tea, creamer…..


Worship and Music: No report



FLC is still flush even with offering down for the month.


More counters are always needed.



Youth and Education:

Aug 22-25 is scheduled for the youth beach retreat.


VBS possibly July 23-27.


Hikes are planned for the summer.


Education: New members are joining the committee.


The 2 Sunday School classes are being finalized.


The Women’s Retreat is April 15 at Lazy F.


Congregational Life:

The Ministry Meetings did not have a good turn-out but we will try again.


They are hosting the Soup Supper March 15.


The Spring Music Fest is May 21.


Property Management:

A new member joined the committee.


Glen Madsen volunteered to continue mowing the lawn.


Brad & Burke will replace the blower in the addition furnace.


Summer projects are being scheduled.


South Property:

There will be 1 rent increase.


No issues at present.



IT: Nothing to Report.


Financial Report: See attached for a full report


·        Contributions to FISH for February totaled $2114.87

·        Contributions to ELCA Disaster Relief Middle East totaled $270.00

·        Contributions to ELCA Disaster Relief General fund totaled $100



·        The next council meeting will be held on Tuesday April 11  at 6:30pm.


·         The meeting was adjourned with prayer.


Respectfully submitted by Jan McElroy. 

Pastor’s report to church council March 14, 2023


1. Sorry I can’t be with you tonight.  I’m at a dean’s meeting with the bishop at Camp Lutherhaven.


2. Lent is going well.  Ash Wed service here with our Methodist friends was good.  We’ll be going to the Methodist church for Good Friday Service.  Lenten soup suppers at 6pm followed by Holden Evening Prayer at 6:45 are going well.  Thanks to the ministries and everyone for providing soup and bread!


3. Last night of winter shelter is (hopefully) tonight.  Many thanks to all our volunteers who made it happen: Neslund’s, Deb Butler, George Grigg, Rod Johnson, Heidi Wixson and others.  Huge thanks to all who brought Tues. suppers!


4. Holy Week schedule  Sun April 2—Palm/Passion Sunday,

April 6 at 7pm.—Maundy Thursday worship

April 7 (evening) Good Friday worship at Methodist Church

April 8  11am  Dee Linder memorial service, followed by lunch

April 9  Resurrection Day 8:30ish Easter Breakfast  10am Worship w/holy communion

         April 10—Dennis won’t be here


5.Synod Assembly April 28-30 at Pasco Red Lion.  We are electing (re-electing?) a bishop among other things. Kara Danna and I are your delegates.  We are overnighting at my Mom’s house which saves $100/person.  Sunday April 30th will be Compassion Sunday here with Laurae Lygre presenting/preaching.


6. We hope to have 2 guests from the Ulanga Kilombero Diocese of the ELCTanzania with us at synod assembly.  They will (hopefully) be traveling around our synod and will be in Ellensburg approx. May 6-7.  I will invite them to speak/present at worship May 7 or sometime.  Let’s have a potluck.  Details to follow


7. Upcoming baptisms: Collette Foreman—1 year old daughter of Rick & Erin Foreman on Sun March 26.  Ella Frick—13 year old daughter of David & Jolie Frick, probably April 1.


8. Purchase AED? About $1500.


Next meeting Tues April 4 or 11.  Devotions?

                                                                                             Peace in Christ, Pastor Dennis