March 8, 2021

First Lutheran Church Council Minutes – March 8, 2021

Council Members present: Debbie Butler, Jan McElroy, Eric Merten, Rod Johnson, Ida Malde, Jennifer Campbell, Jess Holcomb, Jay Ragland, Sheila Johnson

Council members absent: None, we are very devoted to our church

Non-council members present: Pastor Dennis Hickman, Julie Anna Boss

Devotions were given by Rod Johnson with a reading from C.S. Lewis.

The April devotions will be given by Jan McElroy.

It was moved by Jan McElroy, seconded by Jess Holcomb, and passed to approve the February 2021 council minutes.

Old Business:

The trees have been removed and the others trimmed.

The McElroys will donate a tree for planting and a plea will be in the bulletin to find two families to accept a tree.

New Business:

Questions were posed to the congregation about our strengths, weaknesses and what goals they see for FLC. A list was compiled by Jess Holcomb and a lively discussion took place.

Each person present gave 1-2 goals they would like to see FLC work on in the coming year. The individual goals were put together to come up with Goals and Actions. It will be taken back to the congregation through the bulletin and the FLARE to find out where they want us to concentrate. The list is:

1. Goal- Education for all

Action- Sunday School for all ages

Bible Study for all ages

Vacation Bible School

Be Sponsors for Youth and New Members

Have and Teach willing Teachers

Retreats for all

2. Goal- Fellowship and Evangelism

Action- Potlucks

Combine Bible studies, events and food

Feed the neighborhood

Fun Nights for all

Bring in speakers, special music

Extended Sharing of the Peace

3. Goal- Outreach

Action- Family projects

Sponsor and tag on to Community Service Projects

Game nights

Social Gatherings

CWU- how to reach the students

Habitat for Humanity

Offer non bible studies to bring new people to our church

4. Goal- Future

Action- Virtual presence, Social Media, Website

More zoom meetings

Service hymns

Contemporary versus Traditional Service

Find out if other ELCA churches have 2 different services and if it works well


Pastor’s Report:

The pastor’s written report was given to council. Items and council discussion included:

-Discussion for 2 services for Easter and the egg hunt at 9:30

- Synod Assembly is April 24. Rod moved and Eric gave 2nd to pay $50 each for 2 delegates to attend via Zoom along with Pastor Dennis

- Camperships and the need to replace James Stolte as Financial Secretary will be discussed at the April meeting

- Youth Wednesday gatherings are good, bible studies are being attended and worship attendance is up

Outreach: Eric reported no activity.

Worship and Music: Rod reported a manual is being written for the sound operators re: YouTube mostly.

Stewardship: Jess reported we are Stewards of God’s Love and all God’s Blessings. The time and talent sheets are being finished.

Youth: Julia Anna reported 8 youth are attending the Wednesday evening events.

Congregational Life: Ida reported the Easter egg hunt is on. Prayer partners will be starting in the future.

Education: Julie Anna reported Sunday School is back.

Property Management: Julie Anna reported Brian McElroy is working on some small projects and repairs.

A group needs to form to get the back fence stained.

South Property: Julie Anna reported all is going great.

Financial Report: See the full report for more details.

Offering/Income exceeded expenses for February. Questions regarding assets and liabilities will be discussed further at the April meeting.


· The next council meeting will be held on Monday April 12, 2921

with no ministry meetings being held in person at this time.

· The meeting was adjourned with prayer.

Respectfully submitted by Jan McElroy.