March 8, 2022

First Lutheran Church Council Minutes – March 8, 2022

Council Members present: Ida Malde, Rod Johnson, Pete Petersen, Eric Merten, Joslyn LaVera, Sheila Johnson, Debbie Butler

Council members absent: Jan McElroy, Jennifer Campbell

Non-council members present: Pastor Dennis Hickman, Isabella Weidert

Non-council members absent: Julie Anna Boss

Devotions were given by Pete Petersen.

The April devotions will be given by Debbie Butler.

Approval of Minutes: Rod Johnson made motion to accept the February minutes as written. Pete Petersen seconded it. Motion carried.

Old Business:

Coffee hour has been working, went over duties in kitchen. Encouraged others to bring treats to have more people involved.

We introduced ourselves to new member, Joslyn LaVera.

Pastor thanked the women because it’s National Women’s Day.

New Business:

Lutheran Disaster Relief. Ida asked if we should donate. Rod moved we give $500 from the Thrivent funds. Joslyn seconded it. Motion carried.

IT—Rod, JulieAnna & Isabella. Isabella is working on the website.

Pete Petersen moved that we make masks optional. Joslyn seconded. Motion carried.


Pastor’s Report: - See attached for the full report

Outreach: F.I.S.H., support Lutheran Disaster Relief.

God’s Work. Our Hands.” Will possibly be on September 10th.

Worship and Music: Making soup this first Wednesday, March 9th.

Stewardship: Pete reported –pledged- $11,400 that have come in.

Getting a few more counters to help.

Education: 10-12 kids for Sunday School

JulieAnna is visiting w/ kids & parents of the kids still doing mailings—the kids really enjoy the mailings.

Youth: Aug. 1st—Lutherhaven

Aug. 22nd—V.B.S.

Wednesday night-bible study is good & kids are enjoying their bible study.

Congregational Life: NONE

Thinking ahead about May 15th Spring Music Fest.

Property Management: new kitchen sink.

South Property: NONE

Financial Report: See attached for a full report.

What is the plan for the risograph? When it dies that’s it—we will have to use our copier.

When will we get back to communion with trays? We will take gradual steps getting back to what we were doing before.


· The next council meeting will be held on Tuesday April 12, 2022 at 6:30pm

· The meeting was adjourned with prayer at 7:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Sheila Johnson.

Pastor’s report to church council March 8, 2022

1. Welcome aboard to our newest council member Joslyn LaVera.

2. First Lutheran Church is following the CDC guidelines, which will make masking indoors optional come March 12. I think we need a motion to that effect, if that is what we want to do. To be sure, wearing a mask is never inappropriate, and a church/business/organization can set its own masking requirements.

3. Hymn-na-gras went well on Sun Feb 27. Thanks to Julie Anna for organizing, Betty for playing piano, and everyone who brought food.

4. Ash Wed worship service on March 2 went well. Chris Peterson was assisting minister and reader. By the way, Chris is serving as interim pastor at Christ Lutheran, Yakima.

5. Confirmation classes wrapped up for this year on Feb 23 with a Reformation history unit. We watched the “Luther” movie and discussed it.

6. Thanks to the ministries for hosting the soup suppers on Wed’s during Lent. (Recruit as much help as you need). Holden Evening prayer (25 min) follows at 7 pm. Prayer vigil for Ukraine before and after supper.

7. Looking ahead to holy week. So far plans are:

April 10: Palm/Passion Sunday Palm branches & dramatic reading of Luke’s passion of Jesus.

April 14 7 pm Maundy Thursday worship service—holy communion

April 17 The Resurrection of Jesus

9:00ish Easter breakfast and egg hunt for kids

10 am Resurrection Day worship with holy communion. Special music by Jeff Snedecker on French horn and Phil Cutlip—solo.

8. Special Olympics basketball wrapped up on Feb 28th and thanked us for the use of our gym.

9. 3 synod wide day long “Gatherings” (since synod assemblies are every other year) are planned. The closest one to us is Sat. May 21 at the Lutheran church in Moses Lake. The idea is to get quite a few people to go (More than 2 delegates and the pastor). Cost is $300 per congregation and $10/person (for lunch). The theme is “Home Grown Faith” and presenters are Linda Staats and our synod bishop, Kristen Kuempel. (The call will be made soon whether this happens in person or remotely, but I think it will be in person.)

10. Many thanks to Brian McElroy for replacing a kitchen faucet and leaky valves!

11. Next meeting will be Tues April 12. Devotions?

Peace in Christ, Pastor Dennis