May 10, 2022

First Lutheran Church Council Minutes – May 10, 2022

Council Members present: Debbie Butler, Jan McElroy, Eric Merten, Rod Johnson, Ida Malde, Sheila Johnson, Pete Petersen, Joslyn LaVera

Council members absent: Jennifer Campbell

Non-council members present: Pastor Dennis Hickman, Julie Anna Boss

Devotions were given by Jan McElroy.

The June devotions will be given by Sheila Johnson.

It was moved by Rod Johnson, seconded by Pete Petersen, and passed to approve the April 2022 council minutes.

Old Business:

The gym roof only needs to be patched, waiting on good weather to be finished. JulieAnna will ask if heat tape will help for the future on a flat roof?

The insurance company does not want to cover the drain and mold damage. JulieAnna will look into getting an attorney to read the contract.

$7500 to Clean Image, $340 for the plumber and about $500 for materials to fix the wall, Brian McElroy will donate the labor. No bill for the roofing yet.

Stucco cleaning and repair is still on hold, Brian and Rod are looking into specifics.

New Business:

Rod suggested we need to have AED devices and trained members on using them. A training can be scheduled for 8-10 possibly by the fire department.


Pastor’s Report: - See attached for the full report

The pastor’s written report was given to council. Items and council discussion included:

The large print bulletins are a hit!!!!

JulieAnna is working with Waste Management on the garbage cans in the alley and to get the route changed away from the fence.

We will be returning to regular communion with the individual servings available also on May 15. There will be no common cup for now

Jennifer Campbell has resigned from Council; a replacement to fill her term is being sought.


Eric reported that Ellensburg School District adopted the food saving program Renee Merten started and FISH food back does the pick up.

Compassion Sunday seemed successful.

Bike Bell posters are out for that program for bike safety awareness.

Worship and Music:

Rod reported it is still going well and they hope to have choir back in September


Pete reported that although readers are signed up quickly, counters are not. Help is needed for Sunday money counters.

Youth and Education:

The youth and women’s group are studying JOB. The youth are having good discussions about it. The bean bag chairs are a hit and the boxes were used to make castles for the younger kids.

Lutherhaven sign ups are soon.

Vacation Bible School is set for Aug 21-25.

Congregational Life:

Ida reported the music fest is set for May 22. Senior Day is June 5 with cupcakes planned. Ida will miss the June meeting.

Property Management:

Volunteers are needed for mowing the lawn; Glenn Madsen and Brian McElroy have been doing it.

A Master List of church maintenance needs to be created and followed; Jan will work on preparing the list.

South Property:

JulieAnna reported everything is going well.

IT: Rod reported the easiest and free way of getting stronger WIFI access in the Sunday School room is to use the hot spot on our personal cell phones. It’s $60 per month to purchase.

Financial Report: See attached for a full report

Discussion was had on moving the bank accounts away from US Bank due to some errors made in the last few months.

Rob moved and Pete second that we move the accounts from US Bank to Cashmere Valley Bank. Passed

Discussion on getting a credit or debit card for the church office was had. Pros and Cons were discussed. Jan will see what Cashmere Valley offers and report back to JulieAnna.

· Contributions to FISH for April totaled $227, WLCA World Hunger $239 and Disaster Response Easter Europe $300


· The next council meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 14, at 6:30pm

· The meeting was adjourned with prayer.

Respectfully submitted by Jan McElroy.

Pastor’s report to church council May 10, 2022

1. We are returning to regular bread & wine holy communion Sunday May 15. Communion assistants will mask while serving and will sanitize hands. A few of the little wafer/juice cups will be available for any who are not yet comfortable with receiving bread & wine/juice.

2. I have been summoned for federal jury duty (Yakima/Richland) May 16-27. So far my excuse has been “denied”, but we’ll see. I may have to be out of the office for 2 weeks.

3. We had a much larger than expected turn out for Easter Sunday (Praise God!). Thanks to the youth (and adults) for the wonderful Easter Breakfast. Thanks to our musicians Betty, Phil Cutlip and Jeff Snedeker. Thanks to all who made it a great Resurrection Day! Next year we will print more bulletins.

4. 3 synod wide day long “Gatherings” (since synod assemblies are every other year) are planned. The closest one to us is Sat. May 21 at Immanuel Lutheran church in Moses Lake. The idea is to get more than 2 delegates and the pastor to go. Cost is $300 per congregation and $10/person (for lunch). The theme is “Home Grown Faith” and presenters are Linda Straats and our synod bishop, Kristen Kuempel. This is an in-person event. Proof of vaccination required. We can bring up to 10 people. So far there are 3 or 4 of us going. Car pool leaves the church at 8:15 am. Home by 5:30 pm.

5. Memorial service for Marie Raymond on Sat April 30 went well. Thanks to Betty & Ralph Kramlich for music, Patty Akers—sound, and Estelle & Sheila Johnson, Debbie Butler and Bea Fairburn for the great lunch afterwards.

6. High School senior recognition is planned for Sun June 5th. Kathryn Merten, Hannah Campbell, Kassidy Winter, Lydia Blaisdell and Lydia Becker are our grad’s this year. We’ll need a cake (or cupcakes).

7. Thanks to Brian McElroy for repairing the back fence (again).

8. Spring “Music Fest” at 9am Sunday, May 22.

9. Jennifer Campbell has resigned from council so we need to appoint someone to fill out her term which expires Jan 2024.

10. Planning vacation for July 18-Aug 14. Warren Street will be preaching July 25 & 31. Still working on preachers for Aug 7 & 14.

Next meeting will be Tues June 14 Devotions?

Peace in Christ, Pastor Dennis