November 9, 2021

First Lutheran Church Council Minutes – November 9, 2021

Council Members present: Debbie Butler, Jan McElroy, Ida Malde, Jennifer Campbell, Jay Ragland, Sheila Johnson

Council members absent: Rod Johnson, Pete Peterson, Eric Mertin

Non-council members present: Pastor Dennis Hickman, Julie Anna Boss

Devotions were given by Sheila Johnson.

The December devotions will be given by Debbie Butler.

It was moved by Sheila Johnson, seconded by Ida Malde, and passed to approve the September 2021 council minutes as corrected to say the Youth did not receive a new couch.

A presentation was given by Estelle Johnson on the coffee hour after Sunday Worship Services. Estelle Johnson, Sheila Johnson and the Butlers have been faithfully making coffee, bringing treats, doing set up and clean up and coordinating others to bring treats. They wish to stop doing this the end of 2021.

Past practice was having the Council Ministries taking turns doing this service. It was decided to bring this back in 2022 with the following schedule:

Congregational Life and Worship and Music --1st Sunday

Youth and Education – 2nd Sunday

Stewardship and Property Management – 3rd Sunday

Outreach -- 4th Sunday

The 5th Sundays when they occur will be taken care of by whoever steps up

Old Business:

JulieAnna reported that Bella Weidert is learning all the duties of Financial Secretary and will be using her scheduled work hours to complete the duties only adding more hours when necessary.

Update on Goals and Strategic Plan for FLC- we need to re-read them and work on specific ways to accomplish them.

The Youth and Education committee goals are being worked on and success is taking place.

Afghan Refugee Resettlement Program- Pastor Dennis reported that programs are in Spokane, Seattle, Vancouver and Portland and the best thing we at FLC can do is send financial donations. A special offering will be held January 23, 2022 for this program. The church office has contact information for the agencies if anyone wants it.

Discussion on the by-laws and committee duties of the Outreach Ministry- Eric Merten was not present for the meeting so this was tabled for December.

New Business:

It was brought up that maybe the FLC website should be taken down. The website is still being update and is used by the community. A volunteer is still working on it and it was decided by the Council members present it will not be discontinued.

The Right Now Media subscription is ending; it was a gift subscription from a generous donor. Renewing is $89 per month.

A survey of the families using it will be done to see if they want it continued.


Pastor’s Report: - See attached for the full report

The pastor’s written report was given to council. Items and council discussion included:

Pastor will ask Jess Holcomb to do a Stewardship Temple Talk.

Staff Support Committee meeting will take place to recommend or not, raises for the paid Staff at the December 2021 meeting.

Jay Ragland will not be running for Council again, he will be moving in 2022. Eric Merten was not present to say if he will run. Jan McElroy is willing to serve a second term.

Outreach: Pastor Dennis reported:

Bread for the World bake sale is Nov 21

FISH will be using the gym for the Community Christmas Basket program

Worship and Music: Pastor Dennis Reported:

There is a scheduled Christmas Eve Service at 7:30

No Advent Services for 2021

No Choir at this time

Stewardship: Pastor Dennis reported:

The yearly Time and Talents forms and being handed out this year to save on postage, the remaining ones will be mailed.

Youth and Education: JulieAnna reported:

The Thanksgiving Carnival is Nov 16 with any donations going to the trip in 2022 but the main goal is to have fun and get the youth and older members to get to know each other.

Our community youth are stressed with depression, a lack of understanding about COVID-19, and fentanyl overdoses among other things in their lives, some are suicidal. JuliAnna is working with the Ellensburg High School to get the word out about help and maybe bring a program to the schools.

Congregational Life: Ida Malde reported:

December 19 is a Music Fest at 9am with treats and coffee; bring your favorite Christmas treats.

Duane and Diane Lien are happy to volunteer to decorate the church for Christmas; the youth have offered to help.

A secret prayer partner program will start for Advent.

Property Management: JulieAnna reported:

The furnace for the Sanctuary is being looked at, parts are most likely needed and it should be able to be fixed again.

The City came to look at the sparking wires in the alley and corrected the issue.

South Property: JulieAnna reported:

A Handyman is going to fix the fascia boards on the back of the building and money is being donated to pay for part of the project.

Another renter has signed a lease with increased rent. All tenants are happy and paying on time.

Financial Report: See attached for a full report

FISH donations for October were $171 plus money given from the Rummage Sale and 50lbs.


The next council meeting will be held on Monday December 14

with no ministry meetings being held in person at this time.

The meeting was adjourned with prayer.

Respectfully submitted by Jan McElroy.