October 12, 2021

First Lutheran Church Council Minutes –October 12, 2021

Council Members present: Debbie Butler, Jan McElroy, Eric Merten, Rod Johnson, Ida Malde, Sheila Johnson

Council members absent: Jennifer Campbell, Pete Peterson, Jay Ragland

Non-council members present: Pastor Dennis Hickman, Julie Anna Boss

Devotions were given by Jan McElroy.

The November devotions will be given by Sheila Johnson.

It was moved by Sheila Johnson, seconded by Debbi Butler, and passed to approve the September 2021 council minutes, passed.

Old Business:

Financial Secretary update: Eric and Renee Merten have considered taking on some of the duties, not all. Jim Stolte is training Bella on the office work of the position and Pete Petersen is working on coordinating the counting volunteers for Sundays. JulieAnna will again reach out to a woman who does bookkeeping for other churches and get a price and what that entails. Discussion was had on having an outside person or church member to take the position

Goals and Strategic Plan of FLC Council update: The Stewardship committee should take charge and provide an update at the November 9 meeting. Jan McElroy moved and Ida Malde second to instruct the Stewardship committee to give us the Strategic Plan, Review and update in the November meeting. We need a path forward. Pastor Dennis will reach out to Pete and Jay to reach out to Jess Holcomb for assistance.

Plan to Assist the Afghan resettlement program update: Laurae Lygre is still trying to connect with Lutheran Immigration Refugee Services. The church could plan a service on refugee assistance and take a special offering. Pastor Dennis will contact the Bishop of NW Washington to see if we can piggyback onto any programs available.

New Business:

Due to convocation cancellation, it was moved by Sheila Johnson and seconded by Ida Malde to let Pastor Dennis have October 25-27 off for retreat days, motion passed.


Pastor’s Report: - See attached for the full report

The pastor’s written report was given to council.

Outreach: Eric Merten reported

November 21 will be Bread for the World bake sale/fundraiser.

FISH will be again using the gym in December for the Christmas Basket program.

Weekend Nutrition is happening again and Judy Ragland is working to fill 33 bags per week. Pastor Dennis applied for a share grant to assist this program, will know in January.

Jan McElroy moved and Sheila Johnson second to offer $2000 from Thrivent Choice Dollars go to the Weekend Nutrition program, passed.

In November there will be a discussion on the by-laws and committee duties of Outreach.

Worship and Music: Rod Johnson reported

Choir is on hold.

Reformation Sunday will have special music.

Things are humming along.


No report

Youth and Education: Debbie Butler and JulieAnna Boss reported

The youth received a new couch for the youth room and helped move it in which turned in to assisting the church member who donated it with yardwork.

37 kits of education and personal health were taken to Spokane by Kathy Hickman. The leftover items are being saved for the Spring drive.

The Youth finished their study on money and started a new series on relationships and growing as Christians.

The Sunday School hour is going well.

There will be a Thanksgiving Carnival November 16 from 6:30-7:30 with cake walk, raffle, bounce house and games. Baked potato/chili feed to raise money for the 2022 trip.

16 women are registered to attend the Women’s retreat.

Congregational Life: Ida Malde reported

Confirmation Sunday is October 24 and there will be cupcakes.

No Scandinavian dinner again this year.

December 19 will be a Christmas Music Fest before worship service.

Property Management: JulieAnna Boss reported

The outside kitchen door is installed.

South Property: JulieAnna Boss reported

A contractor needs to be hire to replace the facial boards.

Financial Report: See attached for a full report

Revenue is down for September, temple talks may help increase offering.

Contributions to FISH for September totaled $122 and 62 lbs .


The next council meeting will be held on Tuesday November 9 at 6:30

with no ministry meetings being held in person at this time.

The meeting was adjourned with prayer.

Respectfully submitted by Jan McElroy.

Pastor’s report to church council Oct 12, 2021

1. Huge thanks to Julie Anna Boss and all the many helpers who made the rummage sale happen. A great success during Covid times!

2. Many thanks to Brian McElroy and Rod Johnson for installing the new exterior door off the kitchen. It’s solid, looks good and definitely not moldy. (Field trip.)

I painted (most of) the back fence on Sept 16th. I did the inside and half the outside before running out of paint.

3. The Bishop’s Convocation for pastors was cancelled due to Covid. Our check has been returned.

4. I have 5 kids this year for confirmation classes. Confirmation Sunday for Kassidy Bremner, Austin Wickerath and Dani Lindenfelser is Oct. 24th.

5. Fall yard clean up is Sat Oct 30th.

6. For my continuing education this year I am taking part in “Haven” offered by our synod. Cost $200 or $250 (already paid). This is a series of “family systems” classes offered monthly. Some on zoom. Some in person(maybe). First class was Oct 4th.

7. Pastors’ monthly text study was Oct 5, Central Lutheran, Yakima. Installation of Pastor Jakob Schumacher at Immanuel Lutheran in Grandview is Sun Oct 17th at 3 pm.

8. Some folks are interested in sponsoring an Afghan refugee family, if that’s possible in Ellensburg. Perhaps in Ellensburg the best we can do is donate generously to Lutheran Immigration Refugee Services, which is already hard at work with the many refugees from Afghanistan, as well as our southern border.

9. Quilt Sale Nov 5,6,7. Many thanks to Estelle and Sheila Johnson and others for hosting the coffee hours.

10. Red Cross Blood drive was successful on Sept 29th. Another one is scheduled here for Mon Nov 22.

11. Stewardship: pledge drive? Time & talents sheets?

12. Reformation Sunday Oct 31. “A Mighty Fortress” music from Betty Kramlich and Jeff & Marilyn Snedecker.

12. Next meeting Tues Nov 9 at 6:30pm. Devotions? Peace, Pastor Dennis