October 12, 2022

First Lutheran Church Council Minutes – October 12, 2022

Council Members present: Debbie Butler, Jan McElroy, Sheila Johnson, Joslyn LaVera, Ida Malde, Pete Petersen

Council members absent: Rod Johnson, Eric Merten, Kara Danna

Non-council members present: Pastor Dennis Hickman, Julie Anna Boss.

Devotions were given by Pastor.

The November devotions will be given by Pete Petersen.

It was moved by Pete, seconded by Joslyn, and passed to approve the September 2022 council minutes.

Old Business:

Library cart purchase was approved by email vote on a motion from Jan and seconded by Rod. JulieAnna ordered 3 carts and got them on sale.

Continued discussion on the church getting a debit card was lively.

Credit cards involve a lot of paperwork and was not advised to receive.

Pete moved and Sheila seconded for 3 office people (Pastor, JulieAnna and Bella) to be signers on the US Bank account and acquire a debit card. Motion passed.

The boiler rooms have been decluttered some but more work is needed.

New Business:

Sheila Johnson and Fred Cutlip are the Staff Support Committee and will be meeting to assess salaries and possible increases for 2023.


Pastor’s Report: - See attached for the full report

The pastor’s written report was given to council. Items and council discussion included:

Sunday child care will return October 30th. Abbie Sny will do it and be paid $20 per service.

Jan moved and Pete seconded that the ministerial association monthly contribution be increased to $100. Motion passed.

Outreach: Bread for the World will be a bake sale on Nov 20

A signup sheet to bring crock pot dinners on Wednesdays to feed the college youth who attend will be made.

Worship and Music: Large print hymnals are being used to place the hymns in the large print bulletins.

Still looking for a choir director.

It was decided to use the guest musicians fund to pay Betty Kramlich for being the Choir Director for the remainder of 2022

Stewardship: Time and Talent sheets will be handed out at service with the remainder to be mailed.

Emails are working to get counters.

Youth and Education: Looking for a Sunday School teacher for the 2nd Sunday each month; the others are covered. The Youth will substitute and may become the 2nd Sunday teachers.

Looking forward to Dec 11 Christmas program and to provide a treat bag to each of the youth.

Congregational Life: Advent Potluck on Dec 11, Music Fest Dec 18

Ideas on how to make new people welcome was discussed. Possibly a packet will be handed out with the devotion book, FLARE and a list of past, present and future activities.

Property Management: The dumpster has a lock on it.

A few lights in the sanctuary are not working properly. Brian McElroy suggests hiring an electrician due to the height of the lights and possible wiring issues.

Inside cleaning of the church is being looked into, Jan will coordinate.

South Property: Happy Tenants, all is going well.

IT: They are working on better advertising. JulieAnna is looking into an Instagram account, it will reach the younger audience and hopefully increase membership.

Financial Report: See attached for a full report

Carpet cleaning was over budget but not done in a few years and a lot was cleaned so it was well worth the expense.

· Contributions to FISH for September totaled $197.

· Contributions to ELCA Disaster Relief totaled $200.


· The next council meeting will be held on Tuesday November 8 at 6:30pm

· The meeting was adjourned with prayer.

Respectfully submitted by Jan McElroy.

Pastor's report to church council Oct 11, 2022

  1. Thanks to everyone who helped with Ethan Bergman's ordination service on Oct 9: Betty Kramlich-music, Patty Akers-sound/livestream, Isabella Weidert-bulletins, Estelle Johnson and crew-food afterwards. A great celebration! (And we finally got the bishop here!) Many people and pastors were here and at least 52 YouTube views.

  2. Confirmation Sunday for Levi Winter and Aimee Becker is (probably) Nov 13. Confirmation classes are on hold until at least November, probably next year. I currently have one student who sometimes attends.

  3. Child care in worship starting November.

  4. Quilt sale Sun Nov 6th.

  5. I will attend the monthly Kittitas Valley Ministerial meeting on 10-13. First Lutheran may be hosting one night a week of winter shelter this year: mid-Nov through mid-March. (The burden is not all on the host church). Suggest we consider increasing our giving in 2023 to Ministerial Association, line 48. This money goes for bus tickets, tanks of gas, motel rooms... Perhaps $75 or $100?

  6. I will be attending the Bishop's Convocation Mon Oct 24-26 in Coeur d'Alene. Required to spend one more night for a Dean's meeting. Cost $350. ($25 of that is for required boundary training workshop).

  7. Red Cross blood drive here Mon Nov 21, 12-5 pm.

  8. Bread for the World bake sale probably Sun Nov 20.

  9. Staff support committee needs to meet to determine what, if any, staff raises will happen for 2023. We all need to be thinking about the budget for 2023.

  10. December happenings we are working on: Advent potluck (instead of Scandinavian dinner), Advent music fest, Kid's Christmas program during worship.

  11. Many thanks to Brian McElroy for replacing lights in the choir and counting room. So much better!

  12. I plan to start turning in mileage for reimbursement again soon. I haven't done that for over 2 years.

  13. Many thanks to Doug Fessler and Isabella for keeping our website cost-free.

Next meeting Tues Nov 8. Devotions?

Peace in Christ, Pastor Dennis