April 12, 2015

Post date: Apr 09, 2015 6:22:59 PM

The next Red Cross Blood Drive at First Lutheran will be Monday, April 13 from 1:00—6:00pm in the gym. ID is required to donate blood. For more info call 800 733-2767.

Thank you to all who donated to the Youth during Easter breakfast, just over $700 was given.

Thank you to all who helped cook, serve and clean up the FISH Food Bank Dinner last night. Many hungry people appreciated it.


To tell the truth, our letters are needed. The advancement of God's kingdom depends upon all of us. Urging our people in Congress to feed the hungry - especially children - is not "politics;" it is witnessing. Please read, and carry home, today's Bread for the World bulletin insert. It contains a model letter we may use or adapt in writing to our people in Congress.

As for the actual writing: we may write our three letters (two senators, one representative) during this week at home, or together at church next Sunday morning. (Working together is stimulating!) We may write before church, or during the coffee hour. Pens, paper, envelopes, model letters, names and addresses will be scattered on the tables.

If we write at home, please bring the letters to church next Sunday, or drop them off at the church office; they will be counted, and they will be blessed before being sent off to Washington.

Let us be mindful of this opportunity to unite our voices in speaking out for the voiceless!


Senator Patty Murray Senator Maria Cantwell Representative Dave Reichert

U.S. Senate U.S. Senate U.S. House of Representatives

Washington DC 20510 Washington DC 20510 Washington DC 20515

“Spread the Word” (A different way to recycle your weekly church bulletin) Rather than leaving your bulletin at church for recycling, why not put it to use? Take it with you. You can leave it in your car so on your next visit to the vet, the doctor, the car repair, or beauty shop you can leave it on the table with all the other reading material. The Spirit works in mysterious ways and your bulletin may just be the most important thing someone reads that week.

Please “Spread the Word” this week and every week as we grow God’s church and as we grow in our faith journey as good stewards. Do your part to help us grow God’s worshiping community at First Lutheran. Sponsored by Stewardship Ministry.

“Walk to Jerusalem” - Results Our first annual “Walk to Jerusalem” was a huge success! We reached Jerusalem on Saturday April 4th the day before Easter! Thank you to everyone who joined our group as we made the journey walking, exercising, jogging, running, swimming and bicycling from First Lutheran Church in Ellensburg some 6,785 miles to Jerusalem. We actually logged 7,101 as of Saturday night. Praise God! We began on Sunday January 25th with 24 people in our group and by the time we finished we had 53. Thank you to all who “Spread the Word” and invited others to join us. Many of the team members were Lutherans from our congregation but other Lutherans also joined our team. We also had Catholics, Methodists, Episcopalians and other Christians from many other congregations from as far away as WI and GA.

I would also like to thank a friend of mine, Pastor Michael Jannett whose devotional format we used for most of the weekly bible verses and devotionals. If you have any interest in continuing just the bible verse and devotional reading weekly even though the walking portion has been completed, please drop me a note at flcwalk@gmail.com. If we receive enough interest in doing this I can continue sending out the verses, questions to ponder, and prayers. This was a great way to become more physically fit, to grow in our spiritual journey, and I believe we all matured as stewards in God’s kingdom.

Mike Krekling – Stewardship Ministry

Youth Activities

The fun is just beginning!

Wednesday, April 15 - Family Fun Night

4:30 to 5:30 Fun for ages up to 4th grade

5:30 silly sing alongs

5:45 Dinner

6:30 Fun for 5th graders on up

All are welcome!!

Time to represent! It's not too late to be an FLC High School Youth Representative for the Eastern Synod in Pasco April 24 to 26! Activities are run by Lutherhaven - guaranteed good times! See Amy or Pastor Dennis for details

A bit of acknowledgement and heart felt thank you to everyone who made our Easter Breakfast not only a HUGE success, but possible. To the cooks, the servers, the setters, the refillers, the donation bringers, the shoppers, the Thrivent Team Masters, the cleaner-uppers, the master egg fillers and decorators, and all of those who came to eat: You all are our heroes! Thank you so much for your time and generosity!