April 19, 2015

Post date: Apr 16, 2015 4:20:58 PM


School-age or senior, your opinion is valid, and your people in Congress pay attention when you write! So . . . come to the coffee hour, greet your friends, pick up a beverage, and come to a "balloon table" where you will find munchable refreshments, paper,

pens, envelopes, plus a sample letter to help you "get going."

Over 16 million children in the U.S. don’t always know where their next meal is coming from. School lunch or breakfast is sometimes the only nutritious meal children from low-income families receive. It is easier for a nourished child to pay attention in class and learn more quickly. A good education is one of the most effective ways to reduce poverty later in life. Our Offering of Letters effort this time has a narrow focus: to remind our one representative and two senators of the urgency of maintaining and strengthening child nutrition programs. We are called to be advocates. -Your Outreach Ministry-

Sunday, April 26th Compassion Sunday. Outreach and Congregational Life Ministries invite you to a potluck after church and a brief program on Laurae Lygre’s trip with Compassion to Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere.

All are welcome. Bring a hot dish, salad or dessert to share.

Members of First Lutheran: I want to thank you for printing my rehab address. I have been humbled and blessed by the many cards and well wishes from my First Lutheran friends. You are very special to me. It pleases me to report that I have graduated from the rehab hospital and now am going twice a week to rehab as an outpatient. This will probably continue for a couple of more weeks. Hope so. Spring is trying to get here and I am anxious to be out and about more. Throughout all of this, my care giver, Wes, has been exceptional and very strict. He has his hands full making me take it slowly.

Thank you again for your prayers and well wishes. They are working! Much love always, Dude

The Red Cross sends a big thank you to First Lutheran Church for hosting a blood drive in the gym on Mon. Apr. 13. They collected 20 units of blood which can potentially save up to 60 lives!

The Synod Assembly of our E. WA/ID Synod is happening this Friday-Sunday, April 24-26 in Pasco. Ethan & Carla Bergman and Pastor Dennis are our voting representatives. “Like A Watered Garden: A Theology of Water, Worship and the World Around Us” is our theme.

F.I.S.H. Food Bank News: Our food donations are down considerably and we need your help! We are running low on some of our staples like canned fruit, cereal, mac & cheese, canned soups and chili, fresh produce like potatoes and oranges. Thank you!

“Spread the Word” (A different way to recycle your weekly church bulletin) Rather than leaving your bulletin at church for recycling, why not put it to use? Take it with you. You can leave it in your car so on your next visit to the vet, the doctor, the car repair, or beauty shop you can leave it on the table with all the other reading material. The Spirit works in mysterious ways and your bulletin may just be the most important thing someone reads that week.

Please “Spread the Word” this week and every week as we grow God’s church and as we grow in our faith journey as good stewards. Do your part to help us grow God’s worshiping community at First Lutheran. Sponsored by Stewardship Ministry.

Youth Activities

Next Sunday (the 26th) we have our Tye Dye Party. T-shirts and dye kits will be available, please bring a $5 donation to help with cost and anything else you want to dye. Make sure you wear something that can get messy!

Things to look forward to in the near future:

Parent's night out in May (I want lots of help entertaining kiddos and tykes of all ages up to 4th grade for parents!

Lock In! Last day of school! Glow in the dark Nerf battles, games, snacks, Sing along Frozen DVD, and more! All we need are chaperones and YOU!!!

You can never have too much fun when you are FLC Youth!