April 5, 2020

Post date: Apr 01, 2020 7:28:42 PM

Why Palm Sunday?

Palm branches are mentioned in only one of the four Gospels (see John 12:12-15). So why do we call the first day of Holy Week Palm Sunday?

Tradition plays an important part in church history. During Jesus’ time, Rome was the world’s leading power. Whenever the Romans were victorious in battle, citizens traditionally threw palm branches in the returning heroes’ path.

This was the accepted custom of reception. So when Jesus rode into Jerusalem, it was appropriate that he receive a hero’s welcome. One week later, he would be victorious over death.

Eco Palms

Did you know our congregation uses Eco Palms? We use them in partnership with Lutheran World Relief. We are helping palm harvesters in Latin America, their families and communities find pathways out of poverty. Eco-palms are sustainably harvested and fairly traded. That means the money you spend on the palms is directly benefiting the communities where the palms are harvested. The extra nickel you spend per palm can send young girls to school, employ women, and build community centers. The palms are also being harvested in an environmentally friendly way. These new harvesting practices ensure that the same quality palms you see today will be there for years to come. Purchasing these palms protects the forests they are grown in.

How Many Ways can I give my Offering?

1. Normal Sunday morning offering or mail it in.

2. Use the online bill pay through your bank.

3. Set up an electronic fund transfer from your savings or checking account using the Vanco Simply Giving program. Forms are located on the board to the right of the doors going into the sanctuary.

4. Use the Vanco Give Plus app that can be downloaded to your phone and make a contribution using your credit/debit card or savings/checking account any day or time. Once the app is installed search zip code 98926 and select First Lutheran Church. More info can be found on the board to the right of the doors going into the sanctuary. If you want to give to a fund that is not listed, let the church office know and it can be added.

See James Stolte if you have questions on the Simply Giving or the Give Plus programs or email the church office at flceburg@yahoo.com