February 17, 2019

Post date: Feb 14, 2019 6:25:11 PM

FISH Special Offering for January was $538.00.

Hi Everybody!! This Friday is the first weigh-in for Munch Madness. . . . . a big day. It is not too late to contribute food for our church's BIG DONATION to the Food Bank. Please deliver food every morning all week except Friday when the office is closed. Friday afternoon, all the food will be delivered to F.I.S.H. It is a busy place that afternoon as all the M. M. participants are bringing their food. Let's fill the Boss family's truck up!

Connect! Women of FLC come meet for lunch (or dessert or even just coffee) at the Dakota Cafe on Pearl Street at noon on Thursday Feb. 21st. Just like the men, or will it be?!

Volunteer Opportunity: Lunch Buddies is a group created to support students with social and emotional skills. This group encourages student interaction through conversation, support, and activities. We are looking for “Buddies” to spend lunch times with students in a small group or individually. If you are interested, please call the office at Mt. Stuart Elementary School for times and information at 925-8400.

Weekend Nutrition—We are in need of food for weekend nutrition bags for 15 children at Lincoln Elementary. Please bring your donations and place them in the box under the coat rack near the sanctuary doors. Examples include: Chef Boyardee cups, mac ‘n’ cheese cups, fruit or pudding cups, small crackers and cheese packs, basically anything that is easy for kids to open to eat for lunch or dinner. Bags are assembled here every Thursday for delivery to Lincoln. If you would like to donate money, we will buy the food—please write out your check to FLC and put “Weekend Nutrition” on the memo line. Thank you for your support!

LAST WEEK! Church Phone Directory Update: Do you have a new address, phone number, email address that you would like included or other changes? If so, please stop by the free-standing bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall to make the changes for our 2019 Directory. The annual publication isn’t just for members, but for members and friends of First Lutheran Church. If you don’t see your name and would like to be in the directory, please add your name to the list. Please put a check mark, next to your name to show that you have checked to make sure that your information is correct. Thank you!

Photo board: If your smiling face is not in the photo board in the fellowship hall, we would like it to be! It helps us get to know each better. Please submit a photo or email to church. P.S. Snap a photo of the whole photo board with your phone.

Youth Activities

FLC Youth (grades 6 - 12)

Washing dishes for the PEO Women's group luncheon has been postponed to May, so we won't be getting together on the 23rd.

March 3: Youth Group Parents greet!! Meet at church at 9:30 a.m. to greet our congregation coming to worship! Did someone say coffee first? Count me in!

March 16: Luck of the Irish - Lucky Charms eating contest, make a Leprechaun trap, make Irish Soda Bread for your family and Sunday fellowship

March 17: Fellowship treats and sell Irish Soda Bread!

Feb 21 - 23, March 1 & 2: Winter Musical! Ben, Elaina, Kathryn, Lydia, and Madelyn all are part of Hello Dolly! - this year's musical!! Better get your tix!

Seniors! I need your pictures for the board!!