January 20, 2013

Post date: Jan 17, 2013 6:46:17 PM

Council Meeting TODAY, after worship to finalize the budget.

Former Pastor of FLC, Michael Dicks, passed away on Monday morning in Phoenix, Arizona.

The annual meeting of First Lutheran Church will be Sunday, January 27th after worship. The youth will be serving their baked potato bar so you won’t go hungry. We need all voting members to stay and help us pass a budget and elect some new council members. (P.S. If you are an adult or a confirmed youth, you are a voting member.) If you are willing to make a pot of chili, please see Carla Bergman.

Winter Youth Retreat: During Presidents’ Day Weekend, FLC Youth will travel to Lazy-F Camp for a couple nights away in the snow. It will be a time for play and worship, including running in the woods, tubing, skating, and avoiding snowballs. We will also sing and study as we set ourselves apart devoted to God and his people. There will be a $30/per person cost, due Sunday, February 3. Begins 4:00 Friday, February 15 until 9:45 Sunday morning, February 17.

Souper Bowl Sunday : On Sunday, February 3rd — “Super Bowl Sunday,” First Lutheran has an opportunity to join thousands of other congregations in gathering and donating funds to fight hunger. Youth will stand outside the sanctuary doors collecting donations for the “Souper Bowl of Caring.” Please bring a few extra dollars or healthy food to donate. All offerings will be given to FISH Food Bank.

As we watch the Superbowl, let us not forget those who cannot afford a bowl of soup.

F.I.S.H. News: "Just in case you missed the news, the treasurer announced Monday that Amerititle informed him on Friday that our PURCHASE of the building by the FISH food bank had been recorded at the county courthouse. So the building is officially ours. Now the food bank will be making monthly payments toward paying off the remaining debt. However, that is so much better than paying rent. Our contributions will help make these payments as well as helping with the food bank's regular program. The purchase was made possible partly with the help of last summer's Rotary campaign and a very generous matching contribution. Again, thanks to the church and all you who donate individually for helping with this ongoing effort. Thanks be to God!"

Jean Cutlip, your representative on the FISH board of directors.

Thanks to everyone who helped cook and serve dinner at F.I.S.H. Food Bank last night. It was a joy to share food with our needy neighbors.

P.S. F.I.S.H. needs used Bibles. If you have a Bible or two at home which you are not using, you can drop them in the food collection box here at church. F.I.S.H. likes to have Bibles available for those who want them, as food boxes are being handed out. Bless you!

F.I.S.H. News: The Food Bank helped 18,835 people and gave away 48,000 pounds of food in 2012. Thank you for your continued support of our local Food Bank. Outreach

Dear Members of First Lutheran: It is with gratitude that our Synod’s Companion Synod Committee learned from the Region 1 Financial Office that your congregation has continued to donate towards the Tumaini School Dining/Assembly Hall Project. The Global Mission Committee/ Companion Synod Task Force is very grateful for your participation and interest. We join Tumaini students and teachers in saying “Asante Sana” - Thank you very mech. Thank you for your very generous and timely contributions.

Marj Nishek, Chair Companion Synod Committee of EWA/ID Synod of the ELCA