January 29, 2017

Post date: Jan 26, 2017 5:40:34 PM

Everyone is invited to stay today for the Baked Potato Feed. Congregational Members, we need you to stay for the short Annual Meeting.

Year end Statements are ready to be picked up, in the Fellowship Hall. We still have a few boxes of offering envelopes that need to picked up too.

Church Phone Directory Update: Do you have a new address, phone number, email address that you would like included or other changes? If so, please stop by the free-standing bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall to make the changes for our 2017 Directory. The annual publication isn’t just for members, but for members and friends of First Lutheran Church. If you don’t see your name and would like to be in the directory, please add your name to the list. Please put a check mark, next to your name to show that you have checked to make sure that your information is correct. Thank you!

If anyone is interested in helping at the Cold Weather Shelter, you can signup online at http://signup.com/go/JM7XYX, you will need to set up an account or login using Facebook.

Nursery Help Needed: Please consider signing up to occasionally help out in our nursery during the service if and when we have children up to age 4 who do not remain in the service. See the sign up next to the youth bulletin board in the fellowship hall and choose a Sunday. Thank you!

Food Bank News: Danielle Koss reports that our food contributions to the FISH food bank have reached an all time low in recent months. She and her family have delivered food left in the box by the office door to FISH weekly for years. The food bank depends on our donations just as it does every other church as well as many other agencies and individuals. FISH gives food to many, many people in our community. Some of the foods we can bring are:

25- or 40- ounce cans of chili;

18- or 50- ounce cans of soup;

sliced carrots and other vegetables;

tuna; baked beans; beef stew;

peaches and pears; and pasta.

Let's fill up the FISH box every Sunday!

It is Movie Night at Cramers Home Furnishings again this February 11th. For those of you that have joined us over the past few years, we are excited to see you again. This year’s movie, October Sky, is a true story depicting the life of NASA rocket engineer Homer Hickman. It is an inspiring story that we know the whole family will enjoy. We hope you will join us for an evening of great fun. The best part is not only will you have a great time, but all the proceeds will go to benefit Kittitas County Habitat For Humanity. The ticket price includes popcorn, drinks and an entry in the “win the recliner you watch the movie from drawing”. Additional raffle tickets can be purchased at the event. Movie Night sold out last year, so please come by Cramers Home Furnishings or The Habitat For Humanity office/store to get your tickets early. We look forward to seeing all of you there.

Attention all Thrivent Members:

We are in need of other Thrivent Financial members to help our congregation as Congregational Advocates so it you would like more information about how this ministry can help our congregation or make a positive impact in our community you may either go online at www.Thrivent.com and type in Congregation Advocate in the search line, contact our Representative Jay Kelley 509-494-3401 or our current Congregational Advocate Michael Krekling at krekling1@yahoo.com or cell 678-493-7300.


If you are a benefit member (have an Insurance policy or an Investment with Thrivent Financial) it is time to make a decision where you want Thrivent to send your Choice Dollars for 2016. You have until March 31 to make that decision or this contribution to your favorite charity or First Lutheran will go away. We have 96 Thrivent members assigned to First Lutheran and of these we have 34 benefit members that are eligible for Choice Dollars distribution. This money comes directly from Thrivent as part of their profit and not from your money so please make every effort to help either First Lutheran or a Charity of your choice. In 2014 First Lutheran received around $1,200, in 2015 we received around $800 and so far this year 2016 less than $100. The money is deposited directly into a Thrivent Ministry Fund at First and is used for help different ministries. You may direct your Choice Dollars in either of 3 methods;

1. Sign in to your account on Thrivent.com and select “Direct Choice Dollars.”

2. Call the toll free Thrivent Financial number 1-800-847-4836 and a representative will assist you.

3. Contact our Thrivent Financial Representative Jay Kelley at 509-494-3401.

If you have any other questions or need assistance contact our Congregational Advocate for Thrivent Michael Krekling either at krekling1@yahoo.com or on his cell 678-493-7300.


Another benefit to being a Thrivent Financial member (Either a benefit member or an associate member) is you can create an Action Team. These teams make an impact in the community and a $250 Visa card supplied by Thrivent can be used as “Seed” money to do this ministry. If you are a benefit member you may apply for up to 2 Teams per year and if you are an Associate member you may apply for 1 per year with a maximum of 3 during your membership. At First we have done several Action Teams over the last couple of years from helping to support our VBS, working with our local Habitat for Humanity, to supporting our Youth in special fund raisers and community service events. Check out www.Thrivent.com and type in “Action Teams” for more information and videos to see how members have made a positive impact in their communities. You may also call Thrivent Financial, our Thrivent Representative or our Congregational Advocate at the numbers above with questions or to obtain additional information. Go make a positive impact in our community.

Youth Activities

Today: Hot Potato!!! Stop by and grab a baked potato with all the toppings! All donations go to the Youth Fund and will be used to sponsor the next few fun trips we are planning! This is one of the two annual fundraisers that go to Youth events and supplies (the rest go to philanthropic needs).

Got Thrivent? Sign up and adopt one of our Youth activities that need a Thrivent sponsor to donate their "seed" money donations. Each Thrivent gets two a year. Help us make a difference!

Next Sunday - Souper Bowl Sunday! The winning team will be the FISH Food Bank after we collect dollar bills and donated food items after church! Meet by the sanctuary doors as service is ending!

Wednesday, February 8th is Family Fun Night! We will be celebrating the Chinese New Year and learn about brothers and sisters in Christ that live in distant lands.

4:30-5:30 pm -grades up to 5th grade have fun

5:30 pm -silly sing alongs

5:45-6:30 pm -family dinner