July 14, 2013

Post date: Jul 11, 2013 6:4:11 PM

Financial Statements: The first half of 2013 financial statements are ready to be picked up. They are on a table in the Fellowship Hall. If you have an email address on file with the church office, they were sent to you via email.

Sunday, July 21st after worship, we will celebrate Pastor Dennis’s 10th year at FLC with a potluck. This is a great time to celebrate and thank him for his service to all of us. Pastor Dennis has been faithful to his commitment to preach the Gospel, serve the Lord’s Supper and visit the shut-ins. Please bring 2 dishes if your family is 3-5 and 1 dish, if your family is 1-2. Thank you, Worship and Music Committee

Clothing Bank Donations: You may have noticed the donations box under the coat rack. The remodeled clothing bank at the Methodist Church gladly accepts your donations.

Can you help us mow the lawn? A sign-up sheet is on the easel in the fellowship hall to mow the church lawn this summer. The church has all the equipment needed. The grass clippings can go in the dumpster. There are lots of open weeks between now and September. Can you take a week or more? See Mike Luvera or James Stolte to find out how to get into the shed and dumpster or if you would like more information.

Blood Drive: The Red Cross is having another Blood Drive at First Lutheran Church on Monday, July 15 from 1:00 p.m.—6:00 p.m. Identification is required to donate. For more information contact the Red Cross at 800 733-2767.

All the ministries are meeting (briefly) TODAY, after worship. Worship and Music, Stewardship, Education, Outreach, Youth, Congregational Life, and Property Management. Come join in if you are interested in any of these ways of serving God, our church and community.

Sidewalk and A.C. repair: At its July 8th meeting your church council gave the go-ahead to replace sections of worn sidewalk around the south property. The city will do this and the $4000 cost will come out of “South Property Reserve” fund and the Grace Mattawa Loan repayment. Only one of the 2 air conditioning units in the sanctuary is functioning and the other is on its last leg. Council voted to replace them both. The $8800 cost will come out of a Building Fund CD.

Summer Youth Program: The Youth Summer Schedule is available at FLC's web site (www.flc-eburg.org/ministry/youth-summer). Here's a partial list of events and programs still coming up: Mariners game, FISH Summer Lunch Program, Winegar's Wednesdays, Thorp Hike, and Moses Lake Waterpark trip. For more information, see the site or contact Joe Johnson at flcyouth.eburg@gmail.com.

Summer Lunch Program (This Week)11:00–1:00 Kiwanis/Mt. View Park: For anyone in the FLC congregation: Some of you may have taken part in the FISH Summer Lunch Program over the last two years. If you did, then you had an amazing week (or day) of playing games with and serving our community’s kids. The FISH Summer Lunch Program is geared at distributing quality food to many kids who may not otherwise eat well through the summer months. If you (anyone from First Lutheran) can be a part of helping this summer, please let Joe know (e-mail, flcyouth.eburg@gmail.com; call, 509-607-1454; or signup on the gym door). We are scheduled to join with Chestnut Street Baptist's Youth, Monday through Friday (July 15–19).

The program involves meeting at Kiwanis Park and/or Mountain View Park (Time varies depending on park: 11:00–12:00 Mt. View / 12:00–1:00 Kiwanis), playing frisbee or kickball or just visiting with kids in the community, and helping to serve a FISH-prepared meal.

This is an amazing opportunity for churches in our community to share the love of Christ in a personal and tangible way. So get signed up—even if you only have one afternoon available.

High School Home Study: 7/21 7:00–8:00 We're continuing our Sunday night study in Paul's first letter to the Corinthians. In our fourth meeting, we'll look at some familiar passages that have more to say. This week's study will take place at Amy McCoy's place (2000 N Alder #73). All upcoming, current, and recently graduated high school students are invited to an hour in Bible study. If you're a HS Youth, bring your Bible and join us. Don't worry if you've missed a few or all previous studies. Just come. Remaining HSHS meetings: 7:00–8:00 p.m. on Sunday evenings, August 11, and 18. You can also signup to host (for 8/11) or let Joe you'll be coming via email (flcyouth.eburg@gmail.com) or on the FLC web site.

Mariners Trip:7/24 9:00–7:00. Seattle. We have purchased 18 tickets for this trip, and they're going fast. $15 contribution per ticket (except drivers and chaperones). Row 182 (Bleachers) Row 1, Seats 1–18. Sign up is on a first-come-first-served basis on the gym door or the FLC web site.

Youth-Parent Book Group: 7/28 6:30–8:00 We had a great first Book Group meeting, discussing C.S. Lewis's The Great Divorce. Our next one will take place on July 28 (location TBD). The Youth voted and selected William P. Young's book, The Shack, for our July 28 Book Group. Get your copy now (can be ordered through Jerroll's or other local book stores or Amazon; if you can't afford a copy and want to participate, let Joe know). The ISBN number is 0964729237. Also, until Monday, July 15, we'll take nominees for the August book (that includes you, adults!). What should our last book of the summer be? The Hiding Place, Through Gates of Splendor, Life Together, The Singer, War in Heaven, or one of your favorites? Please e-mail nominees so we can vote this upcoming week.

Email Updates: Would you like to receive FLC news, Youth updates, Prayer Requests, and/or Sunday School info through email? If so, then be sure to signup on the FLC Email Notification list. You can find a quick form on the FLC web site. Please signup now, and keep connected.

FLC cooks dinner at FISH Food Bank, Saturday, July 20th: On Saturday, July 20th it will be First Lutheran’s turn to cook, serve and clean-up dinner at our FISH Food Bank. Set-up/prep starts at 3:30p.m. and we serve dinner at 5p Clean-up and eating with our guests takes about an hour. Come for all or part of it as your schedule allows.