July 2, 2017

Post date: Jun 29, 2017 7:5:10 PM

Flowers for today are provided by the Ragland Family in honor of Jay and Amanda’s Wedding, yesterday.

Thank you to everyone for helping with VBS, this last week.

Thank you to Warren Street for fixing the sanctuary lights and gym drinking fountain.

New Sound System: If you are hearing our worship service better, it’s because we have a new sound system. This was paid for with interest from the Audio Visual (Vlcek) fund (which can only be used for audio visual equipment). The system was installed June 20-22. Thanks to Jim Stolte for overseeing this and making it happen.

Youth Activities

Thank you to all the Youth who came and helped with VBS! What a great time! “WOW GOD!!!!”

Coming up:

July 9 – CWU Planetarium! Meet in the new Science building in room 101 on the CWU campus. Wait until you see this place! Bruce will be taking us on a first class trip through the galaxy! *Air conditioning included!

July 10-14 Serve lunch with FISH Food Bank

Meet at Mt. View park at 11:30, head over to Kiwanis park at 12:30

A HUGE thank you to Suzanne Dittmer – Johnson, Brooke Winter, Joan and Dewy, and Pastor for being the “key adults” during that week. You all are my rock!

Check out the back of the Youth Board! It’s August!