July 26, 2015

Post date: Jul 23, 2015 5:35:51 PM

Thank you to Ginny Krekling for preaching today.

Pastor Dennis and his family will be away on vacation Monday, July 13 through Sunday, August 9th. Pastor Ginny Krekling will be preaching and leading worship on the Sundays he’s away. Ginny is also available to handle any emergencies should they arise. Her number is (404)312-7345.

School Supplies: The collection box will be out next Sunday, August 2nd, for anyone that would like to donate school supplies. We are collecting the school supplies for our neighborhood schools within the county! We started earlier this year so you could get in on the sales and the supplies could get to schools before they start.

Youth Activities

Today: Fellowship treats sponsored by the Youth. This month’s theme: Red, White, and Blue! Thank you for your contribution!

Wednesday: Water Balloon Mega Battle!! Get out those super soakers and prepare for some intense fun! Bring more water balloons if you want (there is never enough), we will be starting out with about a couple hundred! We will also have the sno-cone machine going to help you stay cool when the balloons run out!

Coming soon:

August – Moses Lake water park trip! Stay posted

Knitters wanted! Need a nifty knitting project? We will be collecting hats, scarves, and mittens in December.