July 27, 2014

Post date: Jul 24, 2014 5:52:48 PM

Thank you to Ginny Krekling for preaching today.

While Pastor Dennis is on vacation Pastor Ginny Krekling will cover any pastoral emergencies July 21-August 9. Pastor Mary Johnson will handle emergencies August 10-17. Please contact the office at 925-2844, to be put in contact with either Ginny or Mary.

A Big Thank You, to Warren Street for making wonderful storage shelves for the preschool storage room. Thank you, Warren!!

Our Radio Fund is depleted. Many of our homebound members, as well as folks in the community enjoy hearing our Sunday Worship Services. Can you contribute to help keep this ministry going? Simply write your check to First Lutheran Church and note “Radio Fund.” Thank you!

F.I.S.H. News: FLC gave $195.88 and 118 pounds of food in June. Please, don’t forget about the Food Bank even as donations typically drop off in summer months. Remember all those extra goodies in your garden they will take. Thank you for your support!!!

Sound – Would you like to help people hear the church service? Do you like to push buttons and move levers up and down? We are looking for people to operate the sound system. If you are interested or have questions see James Stolte or leave your name in the church office. Training will be provided. High school youth are encouraged to think about it.

Financial Giving Statements – The giving statement for the first half of 2014 are ready to be picked up in the fellowship hall. If you have an email address on file in the church office your statement was emailed to you on July 4. If you cannot find your statement see James Stolte or leave a note in the church office.

Hymn Sing: Today, Sunday, July 27th 3:30 p.m. at the Adult Activity Center, 506 S. Pine St. (parking entrance on Ruby).

Youth Activities

It's finally here! We are serving lunch at Mount View and Kiwanis Park with the FISH bank from Monday to Friday. Dewey will be with us so we have plenty of seats to transport helpers from one site to another. All youth is encouraged to come. Those who are not serving food can help get a game of frisbee or kickball going. There is plenty for everyone to do!!

Meet at Mount View Park at 11:15

set up, serve, pack up

Relocate to Kiwanis Park at 12:00

set up, serve, pack up

Finish at 1 ish

Thank you in advance to all who help out with this event!

Tonight: High Schoolers meet at Winegars on University Way from 6 - 8 pm. Be there or be square!