July 28, 2013

Post date: Jul 25, 2013 3:44:22 PM

Thank you for the wonderful potluck/party. It was very kind and generous of you all to recognize us on the 10th anniversary of our arriving in Ellensburg. We will enjoy those special Christmas in July “ornaments” on our vacation! Pastor Dennis, Cathy & Boys

Pastor Dennis will be on vacation July 29-August 25. Pastor Ginny Krekling will preach August 4 and 11. Pastor Mary Johnson will preach August 18 and 25. Pastor Mary is also available to handle emergencies, 607-9130.

"Our congregation gave $2200 toward helping Anita and Mary obtain plane tickets to go back to Tanzania. The total cost was $2500. The difference was from the "pastor's discretionary fund". Only $300 of that fund was used to make up the difference. Thank you, First Lutheran!! You are such a generous church. Anita and Mary and the rest of the family are now "home". "

This week five (including Bishop Wells ) from our Synod left for Ulanga Kilombero. They will participate in the celebration of 100 years of mission!

Flowers: Do you have garden flowers that you would like to share on Sunday morning? Please let the Church Office know or signup on the Flower Chart. Thank you!

F.I.S.H. needs: fresh veggies with longer shelf life ( celery, carrots, green beans) and empty egg cartons.

A Jazz Vespers service is announced for Sunday evening, July 28th (6.00p.m.) at the Hal Holmes Center, 209 N Ruby St., Ellensburg. If you have any questions please contact: Pastor Wayne, Mercer Creek Church Adult Ministry Coordinator Office: 509-933-7800 Or Cell: 509-306-1060

Financial Statements: The first half of 2013 financial statements are ready to be picked up. They are on a table in the Fellowship Hall. If you have an email address on file with the church office, they were sent to you via email.

Clothing Bank Donations: You may have noticed the donations box under the coat rack. The remodeled clothing bank at the Methodist Church gladly accepts your donations.

Sidewalk and A.C. repair: At its July 8th meeting your church council gave the go-ahead to replace sections of worn sidewalk around the south property. The city will do this and the $4000 cost will come out of “South Property Reserve” fund and the Grace Mattawa Loan repayment. Only one of the 2 air conditioning units in the sanctuary is functioning and the other is on its last leg. Council voted to replace them both. The $8800 cost will come out of a Building Fund CD.

Summer Youth Program: As July comes to an end, the Youth Summer Schedule still has some great events upcoming: Winegar's Wednesdays, Thorp Hike, Moses Lake Waterpark trip, and the Bible Memorization Lunch. The The Youth Summer Schedule is available at FLC's web site (www.flc-eburg.org/ministry/youth-summer) or contact Joe Johnson at flcyouth.eburg@gmail.com for more details.

Youth-Parent Book Group: 7/28 6:30–8:00 After a great June discussion of C.S. Lewis's The Great Divorce, Youth and adults are invited to discuss William P. Young's book, The Shack. We meet at Joe and Melissa Johnson's house tonight (416 W 9th Ave, Ellensburg), 6:30–8:00.

The August book will be announced tomorrow. Our finalists are Elisabeth Elliot's first-hand account of five young missionaries in Ecuador, Through Gates of Splendor (ISBN 0842371524), Calvin Miller's allegorical poem/story of the Gospel, The Singer (ISBN 0830822852), or Donald Miller's memoir of trying to understand how Christianity fits in the twenty-first century America, Blue Like Jazz (ISBN 0785263705). If you hadn't cast your vote, you have until midnight. Go to the Youth Summer page on the FLC web site (www.flc-eburg.org).

Thorp Hike (or, "Joe's Hunt for an AM/PM Rib Sandwich") 8/1 8:15–10:45: Put on your hiking/running shoes, grab lots of water, pocket a few Clif Bars, and hit the John Wayne trail. If you haven't gone for a good hike this summer, join us for this one. We'll meet at Mt. Stuart Elementary and walk six or seven miles to the Thorp AM-PM. This will be a one-way trip, so we'll need a few people to drive us home. NOTE: the time for the event is adjusted from the original poster. We're starting earlier to keep from burning up in late morning sun.

Bible Memorization Challenge: Memorize ten Bible passages by Thursday, August 29, and the Youth program will buy you lunch at Bleachers on University Way, 12:00–1:30 on Thursday, August 29. Download a copy of the selected verses: (http://www.flc-eburg.org/ministry/youth-summer). You have all summer to memorize these ten and recite them. Start now! (So far, we have one person who has memorized and recited six....)

Email Updates: Would you like to receive FLC news, Youth updates, Prayer Requests, and/or Sunday School info through email? If so, then be sure to signup on the FLC Email Notification list. You can find a quick form on the FLC web site. Please signup now, and keep connected.

Can you help us mow the lawn? A sign-up sheet is on the easel in the fellowship hall to mow the church lawn this summer. The church has all the equipment needed. The grass clippings can go in the dumpster. There are lots of open weeks between now and September. Can you take a week or more? See Mike Luvera or James Stolte to find out how to get into the shed and dumpster or if you would like more information.

Thank you from HopeSource: Donna was excited to attend her second Hope University class. Through accessing the Energy Assistance program, she had attended the Energy Conservation Workshop, and applied the techniques taught which reduced her bill dramatically. After attending the Managing Your Money Worship, she was eager to start applying what she learned and took home extra papers to share with others. Thanks to donors like you, a mother learned valuable information and is making significant changes in her life.

Thank you for your recent generous gift of $1513.00 to HopeSource’s Hope University program. Your commitment to helping individuals and families in the community gain access to the resources they need is appreciated by those who help them and most importantly, by those who benefit from our services.