July 31, 2016

Post date: Jul 28, 2016 6:6:49 PM

Thank you to Mary Johnson for preaching today.

Flowers for today are provided by Estelle and Sheila Johnson in memory of their mom and dad, Randy & Malina Christopherson.

Pastor Dennis is on vacation July 18-August 14th. If you need pastoral care please call the church office 925-2844 or Pastor Mary Johnson 607-9130 (August 8-15) or Pastor Ginny Krekling 404-312-7345 or email Pastorginnyk@gmail.com (July 25-August 7).

Youth Activities

Thursday - August 4, Annual Trip to Moses Lake Surf n Slide Water Park! Meet at the church at 10 a.m. and return by 5. We may need drivers and at least one more chaperone! Sign up on the board! Bring a sack lunch, water bottle, and sunscreen! Admission: 5-12 $8, 13-17 $9, 18-64 $10

This week is the beginning of our school supply drive! All school supplies are donated to schools within Kittitas County. Shopping lists are available on the board. Feeling adventurous? Lunch boxes and backpacks are fun to shop!