July 9, 2017

Post date: Jul 06, 2017 3:44:3 PM

Flowers for today are provided by Joan Keith in memory of her Mother’s birthday.

FISH food bank is currently looking for new volunteers to join their team this summer. It is a great opportunity to serve the Ellensburg community while simultaneously gaining great volunteer experience to add to your resume. If you're interested, contact Jennie at jennie@kvfish.org or call the food bank at 509-925-5990. You can also come on down and fill out an application! 1513 North B street behind Mercer Creek Church.

FISH has a shortage of certain foods and we'd like your help to fill them! Canned fruit, canned ravioli, canned chili and mac n' cheese. Please buy the pop-top cans if possible. You can drop them by FISH during our working hours. Check out our website www.kvfish.org/hours-of-operation/ for those hours.

Youth Activities

Today: Planetarium! Come to CWU’s planetarium (New Science Building, room 101) at 4 pm and enjoy a trip through the galaxy! Please do not bring food or drinks, but instead an active imagination and questions about our universe!

Monday through Friday: Serve Lunch with FISH Food Bank! Come to Mt View Park at 11:30 and then relocate to Kiwanis at 12:30. We are helping our local food bank serve free lunches to school-aged children all week long! Girls with long hair – bring a hair band! A special thanks to Pastor Dennis, Joan and Dewey, Suzanne, and Brooke for being chaperones!

Coming soon:

July 22 - FLC Youth Swim at Memorial Pool