June 10, 2012

Post date: Jun 06, 2012 4:46:1 PM

Stewardship Stu here with a question. Were you here last week to hear our Council President, Brett, asking for your financial support throughout the summer even though you weren't going to be attending services? He suggested ways to support our ministry while you were away. I hope you took his message to heart. This is our Blessing, our Hope, our Gift, given to us to share. While you're deciding how to tithe from your wealth or your poverty I invite you to pray for Don Morris, Glenn & Edna Madsen, James Stolte, Min Meseck, Cookie Ringe, Ann Ringe, Patty Akers, Mike Luvera, Doug Fessler, Bev Gruber, Charlene Watterson, Debbie Butler, Dewey Keith, Mary Aho, Sue Ayers, Timothy Hurson, Alice Wanless, Jim Ayers, and Brett & Danielle Koss, as well as Aeimee Stinson, Kandice Halferty, Laura Gorman, Joe Johnson, Christine Rice, Tor Blaisdell, Betty Kramlich, Carla Bergman, Erleen Beckley, Doreen Day, Bea Fairburn, Ida Malde, Dennis Hickman, their loved ones, and ALL the others who continue to give so much to the rest of us through their commitment and care for this congregation. If you don't know some of these people I encourage you to find out who they are, because friends, these folks love us as the Christ loves them. Thank them for their work and pray for their perseverance. Know that I love you too and that's why I encourage you to give from your blessing. See you in Church. Peace. Stu

Vacation Bible School is right around the corner! Sunday, June 24 through June 28 for children age 4 to those entering 6th grade. Registration forms have been mailed to families and are also available on a table in the fellowship hall. Please fill out a form for each child attending and leave it in the box on the table or return it to the church office (we would like to get an accurate count to plan for crafts and food).

On the easel by the table, there are sign-up sheets to help out in various ways. Can you donate some home made cookies, help with a simple meal, be a crew leader, help with registration, or assist in some other way? A successful VBS takes many hands. You don’t need to have a child attending to participate—please sign up, your help is very much appreciated!

For more information see Carla Bergman or call the church office.

F.I.S.H. News: "If you take food into the food bank during the week, please be sure that your food is credited to First Lutheran Church. The people there will record this for our church."

Thank you. OUTREACH

Thank you for the donation of $2,000 to Lazy F Camp and Retreat Center. This donation will be used to provide an opportunity for children to participate in a camp experience designed for military children. Operation Purple is a program for children in military families to connect with other children in similar situations. This program allows military kids to see they are not alone and begin to address the difficulties they encounter.

Dave Burfeind, Director

We welcome Doug Fessler as our newest Council Member. The Council asked Doug if he would fill the vacancy left by the passing of our friend, Shirley Fischer, and he accepted. Doug will be the council representative to Outreach Ministry, where he has already been working. Did you know that Doug also maintains our church website (www.flc-eburg.org)? Thank you, Doug!

Girls’ Bible Study: This summer, Amanda is hosting a bi-weekly, evening bible study at her apartment. The study content is being finalized, but it promises to be amazing. The study begins on Saturday, June 16, 6:30–8:00. Parents are welcome to join on the first night and see what the whole study will be about. After that, the study will be every-other Saturday (June 16, 30, July 14, 28, August 11, 25). This is open to all Youth girls (including our newest Youth, those students now completing fifth grade). For more information, please check with Joe or Amanda (or see the Facebook event).

Facebook and Event Updates Although the Youth Department sends out e-mails from time-to-time, our usual way of communicating is with the Facebook page. Remember that you don’t necessarily need to be on Facebook to use that page. Just go to our address — www.facebook.com/flcyouth — and keep updated on the latest news and events. And, if you “Like” us, you can receive automatic updates and join events.

FISH Summer Lunch Program: Some of you may have taken part in the FISH Summer Lunch Program last year. If you did, then you had an amazing week (or day) of playing games with and serving our community’s kids. The FISH Summer Lunch Program is geared at distributing quality food to many kids who may not otherwise eat well through the summer months. If you (any one from First Lutheran) can be a part of helping this summer, please let Joe know.

We will be taking the week of June 25–29 at Kiwanis Park (11:30–1:30) — though we may split up responsibilities with Chestnut Street Baptist, who is covering the same time at Mountain View Park.

We’ll play frisbee or kickball or just visit with kids in the community, and help to serve a FISH-prepared meal. This is an amazing opportunity for churches in our community to share the love of Christ in a personal and tangible way. This year, we’re hoping to get more Youth involved, so watch for more information and get signed up—even if you only have one afternoon available.

Summer Youth Schedule: Just because school ends, doesn’t mean his people stop meeting together, worshiping him in fellowship, discipleship, and service. Youth and volunteers are needed throughout the summer to continue the work (and play) God has for us. Please pick up a copy of the summer schedule from the “kid’s table” outside the church office.

College/Young Adult/Middle-Aged Adults in Denial: Do you have interest in an informal, inquisitive meeting time with other Christians in a pub (a “Tav” to be precise) this summer? In the spirit of those early Reformers (who met in bars and “public houses”), we’re looking for fellow pilgrims who want to discuss Christ and Christianity a few nights over the summer. There isn’t any set approach or study, just a time of freely considering our faith, its meaning, its complexity, and its implications. If interested, please grab Troy Kilburn or Joe.

Youth Updates: Do you want Youth updates through e-mail? If so, please e-mail Joe at flcyouth.eburg@gmail.com to be included on our news and events e-mail list. You can also watch the bulletin, the FLC web site, the Youth Facebook page, and the FLARE for more information.