June 19, 2016

Post date: Jun 16, 2016 4:29:50 PM

Happy Father’s Day!

Flowers for today are provided by Bob & Ida Malde in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary.

FLC will take a turn cooking and serving the FISH Food Bank Dinner this Saturday, June 25th. We start cooking and prepping at 3p, serve at 5p and are usually all cleaned up by 6:20. Please, let Art and Joan Neslund know if you can help.

Vacation Bible School…begins a week from today! Sunday, June 26 through Thursday, June 30 each evening from 6:00—8:15p.m., dinner is included. Registration forms and a parent letter can be found in the fellowship hall. Children age 4 through those entering 6th grade are invited to attend, youth—sign up to be helpers! Please fill out a form and put it in the box on the table or call the church office to let us know if your child will be attending. Thank you!

Church Potluck All are invited to attend the potluck picnic on the last night of Vacation Bible School, Thursday, June 30. Come at 6:00 with a dish to share and enjoy some good food and fellowship with the kids who attended this week. You don’t have to be involved with VBS to attend, just come and join us!

Summer is almost here and our need for donated food at FISH Community Food Bank is on the rise. Many families, without the assistance of school meals, struggle to have enough food during the summer months. Items that will help feed our hungry neighbors are:

Cans of soup - all kinds

Canned vegetables, peas, corn, mixed, beans

Canned fruit - all kinds

Canned meat, tuna, chili, stew, etc...(items that have flip tops and don't need a can opener)

Mac & Cheese

Non-food items, such as diapers

Thank you so much for partnering with FISH to serve our Kittitas County neighbors in need!

The news on June 12, is that 50 more are killed as the result of hateful violence in Orlando. Like you I have spent too much time watching the slow unfolding of news, too much time in stunned bewilderment, too much time wondering how to frame a thought. Here’s what I think I know for sure: All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God; Evil is real; Gay, lesbian, and transgendered folk are still particular targets for distorted fundamentalism of whatever sort; Guns are uniquely suited for the mayhem of quick, multiple deaths; We don't know as much as we should about mental illness; We’re going to feel lost for a while but healing is not returning to a life of denial; God weeps as Jesus’ body is once again riddled with wounds; I think we’re going to have to walk into this rage with repeated appeals to every new shooter, every new hater; To be this people is to be the church of Jesus Christ and there is No End to this life! Now we are called to renew our discipleship in Eastern WA, in Idaho, and in Wyoming. Let us join in new resolve to be the church of Jesus Christ, for the world, the whole world.

Bp Martin Wells

Youth Activities

Happy Father’s Day to all of our wonderful dads and those who fill the role as dad!

Upcoming Youth Events:

Volunteer for VBS! June 26-30. See Carla for details.

Sign-up sheets are up for the Mariner’s Game and Boulder Cave. We need to get a head-count for the Mariner’s Game so we can get tickets ASAP!

Help Wanted! FLC Youth’s helping hands needed! Madelyn Lease is interested in the gardening help position, but would love a partner – especially while she is out of town this month.

We also need: Someone to read to a shut in and someone to iron clothes. Send Amy an email at flcyouth.eburg@gmail.com