June 28, 2015

Post date: Jun 25, 2015 4:27:39 PM

Vacation Bible School begins tonight through Thursday, July 2 each evening from 6:00—8:15p.m. Registration forms and a parent letter can be found in the fellowship hall. To all—please check out the sign-up board to bring cookies or to help in other areas. Children age 4 through those entering 6th grade are invited!

Church Potluck! Thursday, July 2nd, 6:00 p.m: Everyone in the congregation is invited to attend the POTLUCK DINNER on the last night of VBS Thursday, July 2nd at FLC. You don’t have to be involved with VBS, just come and eat with us! We are changing our location from W. Ellensburg Park to FLC due to high temperatures and expected wind. So come to a cool, windless fellowship hall and enjoy a good old Lutheran potluck. All are invited! Dinner is at 6:00 p.m.—bring a dish to share. Plates, utensils, napkins, cups, lemonade, and serving spoons will be provided. Come and enjoy some good food and fellowship!

Several months ago I returned to First Lutheran after being gone for over 40 years, with all intentions of being here forever. I guess God had other plans for me as I will be moving next week to Portland, OR to live with my youngest daughter. I just want you to know how much I treasure my short time with all of you. I was so well received and included. You are a warm and gracious bunch. For those who may wish to have them, included are my cell phone number and physical address: please contact the church office at 925-2844 for this information.

Thank you all for becoming a special part of my life. Sincerely, Barb Dodge

Youth Activities

Sunday to Thursday: VBS – join in the fun! We have a few group leader spots that can use some back up help. Talk to Carla or Amy!

Saturday: Happy 4th of July!

Coming soon:

High School Youth Only: BBQ at Memorial Park on July 11

Water Gun and Balloon Battle on July 15

Thank you for being involved! We appreciate all of the support everyone gave during our FISH Summer Lunch week. We served an average of 50 kids at Mount View, 40 kids at Kiwanis, and between 18 to 40 kids at North Alder. That’s over 100 kids on any given day last week! Way to go!!