March 15, 2015

Post date: Mar 12, 2015 4:25:1 PM

Flowers today are given in honor of Dana, Anneliese, and Geraldine Childress’ Baptismal anniversaries.

The following children have completed first communion classes with Pastor Dennis and are receiving the Lord’s Supper today. They are Elli Black, Chloe Clyburn, Cameron Brauer, Graciella Brauer, Christopher Johnson, Evie Boss and Richard Boss. Welcome to the Lord’s table!

Nancy Budner: Please contact the office for her new address and number.

The Wednesday Soup and Bread Supper will be hosted this week by members of the Youth & Education. Please join us at 6:00 p.m. for a delicious meal. At 6:45 we’ll engage in some Bible Study around tables. Then at 7:10 pm we’ll move into the sanctuary for a 20 minute Holden Evening Prayer service. Come as you are to these fun and informal evenings of good food, fellowship, Bible study and worship. The following ministries are hosting soup suppers:

Outreach—March 25th

Maundy Thursday Passover Seder Meal, April 2nd at 6:00 p.m.

Our Worship Service on Holy Thursday this year will be a Passover Seder Meal. We will eat traditional Passover foods such as unleavened bread, lamb, and bitter herbs as we read about God delivering His people Israel from slavery in Egypt.

The youth will be helping out by pouring the wine (grape juice) and washing hands. We will conclude the meal with the Lord’s Supper. Please see the sign up sheet in the Fellowship Hall and get your free tickets.

Bread for the World Offering of Letters - April 19

In our own country more that 20% (one in five) children

live at risk of hunger; and that more than 20% live in poverty.

We are not powerless! Our handwritten letters to Congress can

and do make a difference.

Please pick up the updated Phone Directory after Worship on the kids table.

Adult Sunday Class, starting March 15th 8:45a.m. in the Chapel. “Catching Fire: Becoming Flame– A Guide for Spiritual Transformation” by Albert Haase. We are doing a shortened version of this on Wednesday’s in Lent. On Sundays we’ll have time to watch the whole DVD presentation and read the book. Everyone is welcome.

Attention Thrivent members: As of Jan. 12, 2015, you may have Choice Dollars from 2014 available to direct. These dollars will expire March 31, 2015. Don’t miss this opportunity to recommend where some of Thrivent’s charitable outreach funds go. Direct your Choice Dollars today! You can direct online at, or by phone at 800 847-4836 (say “Thrivent Choice” when prompted).

“Spread the Word”(A different way to recycle your weekly bulletin) Rather than leaving your bulletin at church for recycling, why not put it to use? Take it with you. You can leave it in your car so on your next visit to the vet, the doctor, the car repair, or beauty shop you can leave it on the table with all the other reading material. The Spirit works in mysterious ways and your bulletin may just be the most important thing someone reads that week.

Please “Spread the Word” this week and every week as we grow God’s church and as we grow in our faith journey as good stewards. Do your part to help us grow God’s worshiping community at First Lutheran. (See the bulletin Insert from Sunday March 15th or March 29th for more information about “Spread the Word”.) Sponsored by the Stewardship Ministry.

Youth Activities

Today (Sunday) – Movie Matinee with the Youth! Starting at 2, we will be watching Darby O’Gill and the Little People. Watch Darby stir up mischief and Blarney with his leprechaun BFF King O’Brian! Lots of great Irish folklore packed into one of Disney’s finest films. If that’s not enough, geek out over the popcorn, Leprechaun Punch, and green munchies buffet.

Tuesday, March 17 – Erin Go Braugh! Wear green, but no pinching!!

Wednesday, March 18 – Youth Serves Lenten Soup Supper! Sign up to bring soup and/or bread. Stick around for some fun, Youth mayhem after we’re done cleaning up.

Sign up for the following:

Get Air Trampoline Park during Spring Break!

Easter! Easter! Easter! it’s our BIG fundraiser of the year – see the back of the board to fill in the blanks!

Other exciting things:

Seder Dinner opportunities (Thursday, April 2)– got traditional Lenten festivities? We got a spot for you. See Amy, Ida, or Pastor for details!