May 12, 2019

Post date: May 09, 2019 6:26:15 PM

Happy Mother’s Day!

Huge thank you to Warren Street, Chris Clyburn and Andrew Hall for all their help in repairing our fence in the back yard that blew down in our last big wind storm.

Thanks to Cutlip’s and Malde’s for hosting our Tanzanian guests Moses Nwaka and Eluid Payowela on Monday, May 6th and to Estelle Johnson & Ida Malde for the dessert social.

Pastor Dennis and Ethan Bergman are your delegates to this year’s synod assembly in Boise, ID. The theme is global mission and Ethan serves on our synod’s Hunger and Global Mission Committee. One thing we will be voting on is a name change for our synod, since we also have 2 congregations in Wyoming (Jackson Hole) and 1 in Oregon (Ontario). Perhaps the new name will be Northwest Intermountain? I personally like the acronym EWOWI ! But the bishop said, “No Dennis.” (Can’t understand why the Bishop would not want to refer to our Synod as EWOWI!) Thanks to Michael Goerger for preaching here Sunday, May 19th and to Kathy Temple for helping to lead worship. There will be no Adult Bible Study on May 19th.

You can now give a financial contribution by using the Vanco Give Plus app on your phone using your credit/debit card or savings/checking account. Like any credit card use, there is a processing fee charged to the merchant/church. There is an option you can check to pay a percentage to help cover that cost if you desire. You will be given credit for the full amount you give. You also have the option to select different funds to contribute to. If a fund you want to contribute to is not listed, let the church office or James Stolte know and it can be added. If you would like more information see James Stolte.

FISH : Happy Birthday Bags for Kids Every kid deserves a birthday party. If you would like to donate to Birthday Bags the following items are most appreciated. The box is under the coat rack in the Fellowship Hall. Kids turning 1-10 (currently enrolled at FISH) Supplies Needed: cake mix, frosting, candles; Party Supplies: hats, balloons, decorations, party favors; Active Toys: balls, jump ropes, Frisbees; Educational Items: books and Puzzles

Garrett Snedeker will present a piano recital Sunday, May 12 at 2 p.m. at Englewood Christian Church, 511 N 44th Ave., in Yakima. This recital is part of their Second Sunday Concert Series. The concert is free, but donations to the series are accepted.

Youth Activities

FLC Youth (6th grade to 12th grade)

Happy Mother's Day!

Next Sunday: High School Murder Mystery Senior Farewell Dinner! 6 pm Wild Wild West theme! Let Amy know if you haven't gotten your character description in the mail yet!

Coming soon: Middle School Mayhem. Wednesday, May 29 6 pm - prepared to get very messy!