May 20, 2012

Post date: May 17, 2012 4:5:15 PM

Thank you to all the faithful choir members, this is their last Sunday to perform until fall. Also, thanks to Tor and Betty for their accompaniment.

Please join us for cake and coffee after the worship service, we will be honoring Ginny Gunderson. Ginny and her husband, Ed (on the job already) are moving to Wisconsin in June. Ginny has served on the council, assisted with the Educational Ministry as well as Congregational Life, upgraded the library, and sang in the choir, among other activities. Join us as we bid God's blessings to Ginny!

F.I.S.H. Our attention may wander, but we must not forget the hungry. In April, 590 households were served by the FISH food bank. The need is greater; our giving has been less. We can do better. Come on, First Lutheran!


Summer Schedule: Around Memorial Day weekend, we should have a summer Youth schedule. Please watch for it and bring a copy home. We’ll have several opportunities for discipleship, service, and fellowship throughout the summer.

Youth Updates: Do you want Youth updates through e-mail? If so, please e-mail Joe at to be included on our news and events e-mail list. You can also watch the bulletin, the FLC web site, the Youth Facebook page, and the FLARE for more information.