May 5, 2019

Post date: May 02, 2019 5:28:17 PM

Thank you for all the years of love and support. We greatly appreciated the wonderful send off and seeing everyone last Sunday. Don & Donna Morris

Thank you for all the prayers for Che Ho, he passed away from pancreatic cancer. Don & Min Meseck

We have a splendid opportunity coming soon! Visitors from Ulanga Kilombero will be arriving soon. They have been here before so it will be a time of renewing friendships. Rev. Eliud Payowela was here in 2015 and Rev. Moses Nwaka, here only two years ago will be with us. There will be an all-church potluck -in their honor - the evening of Monday, May 6th. Plan to be there.

Information about our Guests:

Pastor Moses Nwaka is the Assistant to the Bishop of the Ulanga Kilombero Diocese (UKD) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT). He was ordained in October of 2002. He received his theological training from Makumira University in Tanzania, with 2 years of further studies in Norway and 3 months as an exchange student at Copenhagen University. He has taught at the Tumaini Lutheran Secondary School and Bible School (TLS), served as the General Secretary of the UKD (the business executive of the diocese prior to being elected as the Assistant to the Bishop in 2007. Moses is married to Neema, who is the head matron for the girls at TLS, and has 2 children. He was born on September 2, 1969

Pastor Eliud Payowela is the Chaplain at the UKD Diocese Cathedral. He was ordained in 2009. He received his theological training from Tumaini University in Iringa Tanzania, with further studies at Theofilo Kisanji University in Tanzania. He has worked as an Evangelist (somewhat similar to a Deacon), a district Pastor, the Director of TLS, a teacher at TLS, and the Second Headmaster. Eliud is married to Eva, who is an entrepreneur, and they are raising their niece and nephew. He was born on January 9, 1967

You can now give a financial contribution by using the Vanco Give Plus app on your phone using your credit/debit card or savings/checking account. Like any credit card use, there is a processing fee charged to the merchant/church. There is an option you can check to pay a percentage to help cover that cost if you desire. You will be given credit for the full amount you give. You also have the option to select different funds to contribute to. If a fund you want to contribute to is not listed, let the church office or James Stolte know and it can be added. If you would like more information see James Stolte.

Cluster Meeting for ELCA Churches in South Central WA Sunday, May 5th 3pm at Christ Lutheran in Yakima. Everyone is welcome. We’ll get better acquainted, do a little Pre-Assembly stuff and hear from Pastor Phil Misner, assistant to the Bishop in Eastern/WA-ID. Coffee and treats provided. You can catch a ride with Pastor Dennis if you like. (P.S. Pastor D is “Dean” of our cluster.)

Organ Crawl on May 5th, from 2-4p.m., First Lutheran, First Methodist and Grace Episcopal will feature their organs in an “organ crawl.” At each church, the organist will tell a bit about the organ and then will play a few pieces to show off the different stops or sounds that the organ makes. We’ll start at the Episcopal Church at 2p, and after about 20 minutes, we’ll move to the Methodist Church, and end at First Lutheran, which will serve refreshments after Betty finishes. Tickets ($10.00) will be available at the door at Grace Church, or you can get them from Betty if you are interested. The money raised will be used by PEO to fund scholarships for young women.

Garrett Snedeker will present a piano recital Sunday, May 12 at 2 p.m. at Englewood Christian Church, 511 N 44th Ave., in Yakima. This recital is part of their Second Sunday Concert Series. The concert is free, but donations to the series are accepted.

Youth Activities

FLC Youth (grades 6 - 12)

iFeliz Cinco de Mayo! iComer tacos!!!

Wednesday, May 8 Family Fun Night! I need 3 to 4 group leaders since I'm losing a couple helpers that night. Meet Amy at the church no later than 5 pm.

Saturday, May 11 Rodeo City Roller Derby Girls in their final debut: "More Mayhem." Meet at EHS, 3:30 p.m. Let Amy know ahead of time if you are going so she can pick up your ticket. Otherwise it's $10 at the door.

Coming soon:

High School Murder Mystery Senior Farewell dinner! Sunday, May 19. Get your horse saddled and your Clint Eastwood on since we are solving a murder in the Wild Wild West!

Middle School Mayhem! Wednesday, May 29. Get dusted by chalk bombs, strike out in dodge ball, and more!

2021 ELCA Youth Gathering: June 29 to July 3, 2021 in Minneapolis Minnesota. Did you know Amy was 8 years old when the first ELCA gathering occurred?

Seniors: the grad board is up! Where's your photo?

Calling All Families!! May 8 - Family Fun night! 5:30 to 8 pm, Dinner is served!!! Come for the pizza, stay for the games. We have Nerf battle in the gym, No Phone Zone (cell phone competition) with tips on cyber security in the Foyer, and Parent/Kid trivia in the Fellowship Hall! It's going to be a great night!

Lots of thank yous!!!

Thank you everyone for an amazing Easter Sunday breakfast! Not only was the food and fellowship amazing, your generosity has made it possible to cover a trip to Cashmere for 2 hours of bowling and a pizza/fro-yo buffet lunch!

Thank you to the parents and youth who came to help wash dishes on Saturday!