November 16, 2014

Post date: Nov 13, 2014 5:20:47 PM

Flowers for today are provided by Don & Donna Morris in honor of Donna’s birthday.

Financial Pledges: You are invited to bring your 2015 financial pledge forward to the altar during the hymn if the day today. Your pledge will be returned to you unopened in a year’s time. God bless you for being a generous steward. If you forgot your pledge today, just put it in the offering plate in the coming weeks or the basket in the office or mail it in. All good!

BREAD FOR THE WORLD BAKE SALE . . . . . .Nov. 23rd Please plan on baking for the sale - folks can always use more goodies for Thanksgiving dinner - bread, rolls, desserts. Double your recipe and bring the rest to the twice-yearly Bread for the World bake sale. So far this year, we've earned $600.00 for B/W. Let's see if we can make that $800 for the year! Please sign up on the Outreach Bulletin Board (between the kitchen door and the coat rack. Thanks for your help.

Christmas is coming so it is time to start thinking about the Community Christmas Basket program. From now until December 7th we will be collecting donations for this community program. Thrivent will be matching up to $825. Indicate on your check or offering envelope “Christmas Basket” to make sure it gets there.

Stewardship Stu here with a question. Did you read our Councils' report on giving to the general fund in this months' Flare? According to their records over a third of us are supporting the work of this church with an offering of less than ten dollars a week, many much less. That could be a tithe if that third of our congregation had an annual income was about $5,200 or it would be about 1% of an annual income of $52,000. What does this say about us and our family income? Certainly there are circumstances that limit what we can give but we need to be honest with ourselves about the difference between what we talk about giving, what we vote for at the annual meeting, what we expect our church to be and do, and what we dig out of the old wallet on Sunday morning. A dollar, five, ten bucks... is that truly "OFFERING"... or is it some kind of token giving that seems like real giving? Financial stewardship is something we need to pray about. See you in Church.... Stu.

New Members/Inquirer's Class started Sunday, November 2nd at 11:30 in the Chapel. But it’s not too late to join in. If you would like to join First Lutheran Church or you have some questions or want a little refresher on “what Lutherans believe” come join Pastor Dennis for 45minute classes on November 2, 9, 16 and 23. We’ll be using Pastor Dan Erlanders’ great little book “Baptized We Live.” (Please come to all the classes if you are able.)

Adult Sunday Class 8:45-9:45a.m. in the Chapel. Come study the Gospel of Matthew with Pastor Dennis and friends. We are using “Partnering with the King,” a book and DVD by John Hiigel as a study guide. Everyone is welcome.

Soup-n-Thanks: Tuesday, November 25th at 6p.m. No monetary offering, please bring food for the Food Bank. We’ll start with a soup supper at 6p and have a short worship time in the fellowship hall of songs, prayers and scripture readings. Come as you are!

Community Thanksgiving Service: Sunday, November 25th 6p at Chestnut Street Baptist Church. All are welcome.

Youth Activities

Wednesday: Confirmation and the final YouthNight for the season. Both start at 6:30 p.m.

Saturday: High Schoolers Only!!! We are headed up to Leavenworth, where we will snack on fine cheese, indulge ourselves at the chocolatiers, and don't forget those silly hats. Dewey will be coming with, so we may get an exclusive tour and a bit of VIP treatment. Meet at the church at 10:00 a.m.

Sunday (next week): Movie, Popcorn, and sweets for all youth members. We will be watching a favorite of mine that takes me back to the old arcade days. Meet at the fellowship from 2 to 4.