November 18, 2018

Post date: Nov 15, 2018 6:43:59 PM

Flowers today are provided by Ethan and Carla Bergman in memory of their parents.

FISH special giving for October was $815.00.

Consecration Sunday Today

Today is Stewardship Sunday. During worship we will be filling out our time and talent sheets, as well as our financial giving pledges for 2019. We aren’t doing lunch this year, but there will be plenty of Bread for the World baked goodies for sale. Please pray this week how you will give of your time, talent and treasure to support Christ’s mission through First Lutheran Church in the coming year.

TODAY! 2018 BREAD FOR THE WORLD BAKE SALE! Right after worship!

Free tickets available next Sunday, Nov. 25 for our…Annual Scandinavian Potluck Dinner to be held Wed. Dec. 12 at 5:30 p.m. (the Nov. Flare stated 6:30, which was a misprint—oops!). There will also be two sign-up opportunities: one for helping and the other for the food item(s) you will be bringing. Tickets and sign-up boards will also be available Sunday, Dec. 2 and 9. We will only be giving out 173 free tickets so get yours early (one for each person in your party). If you take tickets and find you are unable to attend, please let the office know how many places to set. Thank you!

FLC Women Save the Date...Tuesday, December 18, 6:30p.m. All Women are welcome to attend a “Cookie Exchange” in the fellowship hall.

Bring 10 dozen cookies (all one kind or 5 dozen each of two kinds).

Please bring copies of your recipes to share, unless they are family secrets. :)

Start baking now for the freezer or bake the weekend before.

Snacks will be provided.

Youth Activities

FLC Youth (6th grade to 12th grade)

Today! Trip to Fused! Leave the church at 1 pm to make sure the first group gets to the cutting table on time! $10 participation fee required, plus be sure to have your own spending money as well!

Congrats to our brave youth who tried out for the Winter Musical. This year is a tough one to get in!

Coming soon: PJ Pancake breakfast on January 1 at 9 am! Come for the homemade pancakes in your pjs - stay for the syrup!