October 13, 2019

Post date: Oct 10, 2019 4:43:16 PM

Phil Misner, Assistant to the Bishop

We welcome Phil Misner, who will preach TODAY, followed by a Q and A during fellowship time. Phil will also be with us at our cluster meeting at Central Lutheran in Yakima at 2:00pm.

Central WA Cluster Meeting Sunday, October 13th 2p.m. at Christ Lutheran, Yakima. The ELCA churches in our area (Eburg, Yakima, Goldendale, Toppenish, Sunnyside & Grandview) get together twice yearly to share ideas, maintain friendships and learn together. We will also be electing a lay female to a 5 year term on Synod Council. Let Pastor Dennis know if you are interested in going and you can catch a ride with him if you like.

Rummage Sale: It’s a good policy not to list off names of people who have been involved in the Rummage Sale, because you are bound to leave out a few (Maureen Roth, Bea Fairburn, etc.). So please know that those I may have forgotten to mention-I can’t thank you enough! And, thanks to God, Linda Strand

Final Count for the Rummage Sale is $3,476.50.

Save the Dates New Members/Inquirers Classes

Starting in November. We will be offering new members and inquirers classes. If you are interested in attending please, come to these classes with Pastor Dennis. November 3, 10, 17, and 24th at 11:30a in the Chapel room. Classes are open to anyone interested in joining First Lutheran, just have some questions or want to meet more people. We’ll keep it to an hour or less as we read and discus Pastor Dan Erlander’s great little book, “Baptized We Live.”

Friday morning, October 18th a gentleman is needed to assist the organ tuner to take down a couple of the big pipes. Please contact Betty Kramlich if you are available to help.

Quilt Sale is coming…..Sunday, November 3rd after worship. I joined the quilters at First Lutheran after years of admiring their finished products at the annual quilt sale. When I unexpectedly became “retired” earlier than expected, I finally had the opportunity to find out how I could help with this ministry. While I help with tying the quilts, I get to appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship of the people who have selected the materials and the quilt patterns and sewn the squares together. We assemble the back and the batting to the front of the quilt, select the yarn and tie it together in a pattern that suits that particular quilt. All of this is done with an eye for who will receive this quilt. So, in addition to the artistry and craftsmanship, which I am in awe of, there is the element of care, which is what makes this a ministry. Each quilt has a story and a destiny. Patty Akers

You can now give a financial contribution by using the Vanco Give Plus app on your phone using your credit/debit card or savings/checking account. Like any credit card use, there is a processing fee charged to the merchant/church. There is an option you can check to pay a percentage to help cover that cost if you desire. You will be given credit for the full amount you give. You also have the option to select different funds to contribute to. If a fund you want to contribute to is not listed, let the church office or James Stolte know and it can be added. If you would like more information see James Stolte.

Weekend Nutrition for Hungry Kids First Lutheran will once again be participating in providing weekend nutrition for kids at Lincoln Elementary, Dammon and Thorp Schools. Our Food Bank contact person, Judy Ragland has placed a box under the coat rack with a suggested list of non-perishable and easy to prepare food items. FLC will also order some foods through the Food Bank since FISH can get them at a greatly reduced price. We will pack bags of food on Thursday and deliver them. Your donations are greatly appreciated. If you prefer to give a check, please make it out to First Lutheran Church and mark “Weekend Nutrition Program” in the memo line. Thank you for helping to alleviate hunger in our community!

Youth Activities

Youth Group (grades 6 - 12)

Today October 13 - Work party for H.S. Haunted Maze 3 pm to help construct the haunted house

October 19 - 12th Man Prep 245 p.m. to 4 p.m.

October 20 - 12th Man Fundraiser after church. Grilled brats are the feature item. Sign up to bring a fun appetizer!

October 26 - Family Fun night Prep 245 pm

October 27 - Family Fun night set up 245 pm

October 29 - Maze set up and Middle school makes monster donuts 6 - 8 pm

October 30 - Family Fun Night!! Dinner at 5:30 p.m., activities start and guests come at 6:30 p.m.

We need donations of:

· Halloween Candy!

· 2 litter pop bottles (filled with pop)

· cookie sheets (without cookies)