October 20, 2019

Post date: Oct 17, 2019 4:14:27 PM

Flowers for today are provided by Jo Green in thankfulness for all of our friends at First Lutheran and for the many worship services that we share.

FISH Special Offering for September was $53.90.

Garrett Snedeker is in London and would love to get some mail or emails from his church family. Please contact the church office for his contact information.

Save the Dates New Members/Inquirers Classes Starting in November. We will be offering new members and inquirers classes. If you are interested in attending please, come to these classes with Pastor Dennis. November 3, 10, 17, and 24th at 11:30a in the Chapel room. Classes are open to anyone interested in joining First Lutheran, just have some questions or want to meet more people. We’ll keep it to an hour or less as we read and discus Pastor Dan Erlander’s great little book, “Baptized We Live.”

Quilt Sale is coming…..Sunday, November 3rd after worship. What I enjoy about quilting: “Besides seeing the quilts created and finished, I cherish my days quilting and visiting with a great group of women...and then our visits with Pastor Dennis, Christine, Carla and the preschool little ones.” Sheila Johnson

Lazy F Camp: We are indebted to congregations who have been supportive of Manastash Lodge, the new dining hall. As a token of our appreciation, we invite the members of your congregation to a special lunch. Thank you so much for your support!

Manastash Lodge Celebration Meal at Lazy F Camp and Retreat Center:

The folks at Lazy F would love to share a meal with you in the new Manastash Lodge. Your congregation has been very supportive of this project and we want to extend our appreciation by inviting friends in the area to a special meal. We hope you will come to see this gorgeous new facility!

Sunday, November 10th 12:30 - 1:30 pm

Sunday Pot Roast, roasted vegetables, and apple pie

Please RSVP by November 1st

call 509.962.2780 or email office@lazyfcamp.org

Please specify any dietary restrictions.

Cold Weather Shelter (FISH)

Has a Coordinator Monday-Thursday: Rebecca Kennedy

Friday-Sunday: Josh Perry

The shelter will begin in November. We are not hosting the shelter here this year, but we are encouraging our folks to volunteer at the other churches.

First Lutheran Giving Tree The First Lutheran Family is a very generous and giving family. Our Church needs your help in receiving some of this generosity. Our budget is struggling and we are asking for your help beyond your regular financial giving. We come to church and expect there to be heat, paper towels, crayons and garbage bags to name a few of the many items used to keep the church operating. Here’s how you can help: Located in the fellowship hall is our new Giving Tree. It is full of leaves with items our church uses. Pick a leaf from the tree and give back to the church that gives so much for others. You can purchase the actual item or give money with the post-it attached for the church staff to purchase. Your Friends on the Stewardship Committee

Youth Activities

FLC Youth (6th grade to 12th grade)

Today's the day!! Come join us at our 12th Man fundraiser after church!

We have Bratwurst grilling, tons of great appetizers, and lots of side dishes! Get your tummy full before you get your game on!

This year's 12th man is to support the Youth's upcoming trip to the 2021 ELCA Gathering in Minnesota! We appreciate your support!

Family Fun Night is approaching fast! We have the maze part of the maze figured out, but we still need to make sure the rooms are ready!

Saturday, October 26 2:45 pm High school - Bring down Halloween decor from attic storage and bring out supplies from my office/organize

Sunday, October 27 2:45 pm High school - Finish any decorations, last minute stuff, decorate Youth room

Tuesday, October 29 6 pm - 8 pm High school - decorate non-preschool used rooms, layout maze plans. Middle school - make monster donuts and prep games.

Wednesday, October 30 5:30 pm to 9 pm FAMILY FUN NIGHT!!!!!! Youth arrive after school to set up area and decorate pre-school areas. GAME ON!!!

November: Stay tuned for Rake Fest ‘n’ Pizza! Tentatively on November 3 depending on leaves!

We are collecting:

· Candy and treats for family fun night

· Cookie Sheets for our advent project - we will be painting on them, so they wont come back (unless you come to our Advent event!)

Thank you congregation for all of the support you give our youth!