October 30, 2016

Post date: Oct 27, 2016 5:8:23 PM

Flowers for today are provided by Don & Donna Morris in honor of their 64th anniversary.

The hymns today are in honor of Martin Luther and the beginning of the 500th year of the 95 Theses.

Thank you to the Brass Players for playing today, Brandyn Button, Matthew Wentland, Zach Mac Lurg and Zane Boothby.

Daylight Savings Time ends next week, don’t forget to change your clocks back an hour, on Saturday night!

We Need Your Smiling Face! Photography Sundays Oct 30, Nov 13 & 20 It’s been 8 years since we did a church pictorial directory. Many faces have changed in those 8 years. Rather than going through a professional photography company, we plan on doing a home version. Specifically, council member Randy Uhl is a good photographer and will be in our fellowship hall after worship on Oct 23 & 30 and Nov 13 & 20. We hope you will take a few minutes on one of those Sundays to be photographed by Randy. The plan is to make a giant photo wall in the fellowship hall with everyone’s face and name on it. After that we could put the photos on our website. We could produce some paper copies for folks who want them. Or you could snap pictures of the photo wall with your smart phone. Pictures are a great way for us to better learn each other’s names and grow closer as a congregation in Christ.

Consecration Sunday November 6th Stewardship specialist Marcus Rieke will be our guest speaker on November 6th. On that Sunday we will be completing our time and talent sheets, as well as our estimates of financial giving for 2017. We will offer them to God during worship and enjoy lunch together after worship. The entrée, salad, bread and beverages will be provided and will be served by our young people (think “community service hours for school”) with a little adult help. Marcus Rieke is a trusted stewardship leader in the Northwest and is also leading stewardship workshops in our E.WA-ID Synod of the ELCA during October and November. The estimates of giving will be opened and seen only by our financial secretary Jim Stolte. (Jim, and only Jim, already knows what people give to FLC for your charitable giving tax info.) By the end of lunch we hope to have a congregational estimate of giving for 2017. Whether you are able to pledge a lot, a little, or somewhere in-between, every financial pledge counts for keeping the ministry of your church going. Remember that God loves a cheerful giver and we do grow in faith and love as we give first to God in our lives. And whether you pledge or not, everyone is invited for lunch.

Youth Sunday School Help Needed

Between October and March, the Youth Sunday School class needs teachers. Whether it is for one class or many, your help is meaningful. We have a video-based curriculum, a room with a donut supply, and help as you want it. Whether you’ve never taught before or are a seasoned master, the important thing is being present and engaged with our Youth.

A signup sheet with topics is on the Youth board. If you want more information (and encouragement), talk with Carla or Joe. (And if you do take a Sunday or two, both we will be able to help with supplies, guidance, and affirmation.) If you don’t think you can do it alone, recruit a friend to help. Classes start (promptly-ish) at 9:00 am and conclude by 9:45 a.m.

Update: Sundays through December have been filled—thank you! There are openings beginning in January 2017 (again, see the sign up on the Youth board .)

Nursery Help Needed: Please consider signing up to occasionally help out in our nursery during the service. (There are usually just a few children.) If we can get enough people, each person’s turn would only be maybe once every two months or so. See the sign up next to the youth bulletin board in the fellowship hall and choose a Sunday. Thank you!

Update: There is no attendant signed up yet for Nov. 13 or 20.

Adult Sunday School 8:45-9:45 a.m. in the Chapel with Pastor Dennis. We are reading and viewing Albert Haase’s new book/DVD “Saying Yes: Discovering and Responding to God’s Will in your Life.” All are welcome!

Youth Activities

Today: Youth go to Huffman Farms to pick pumpkins, pet llamas, and enjoy a hayride! Meet after church or at Huffman Farms. See the board for details!

This week we start our “Operation Christmas Child” fun drive. Our goal is to fill a minimum of twenty shoe boxes with the gift items for Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian Ministry program that focuses on international relief. We will be packing up the boxes on November 20th and dropping them off at the donation site on November 21st. It’s time to make an impoverished child’s life shine!

We are collecting the following:

Shoe boxes

$7.00 shipment fees

A “wow” toy such as a doll, stuffed animal, small puzzle, or larger item about the size of a softball.

Several small items such as personal hygiene items, school supplies, small toys (matchbox cars, My Little Ponies, etc.)

Sunday, November 6 – Serve lasagna to the congregation after church. If you need service hours, now is the time to earn them! No prep time required – just show up after service and be ready to dish up some fun!