September 16, 2012

Post date: Sep 13, 2012 6:48:17 PM

Stewardship Stu here... with a question. Are you happy? The other day I heard Pastor Dennis say “It's not happy people who are thankful, it's thankful people who are happy.” Where do you find yourself on the half full, half empty quandary? Are you thankful for all your blessings? Oh, I hope so, I pray that you are. I invite you to consider a grateful response to those blessings. I invite you to revisit your involvement in First Lutheran, to consider being a member of a committee, a ministry, the choir, a more involved financial contributor. The Stewardship Committee invites you to be more than you have been, to be a member of this family, to discover the happiness that will be yours when you embrace your thankfulness as worship. Be a member not just an attender. We are blessed. See you in church. Stu

Adult Education, Sundays 8:45 AM in the chapel starting Sept “The Didache” (Greek for “Teaching”): the Faith and Practice of the Earliest Christians” is a 6 part DVD and book class led by Pastor Dennis. Author and theologian Tony Jones will be with us on DVD and each participant will receive a book entitled “The Teaching of the 12” (suggested donation $10). The Didache was probably written about the same time as the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. It is a practical teaching about how to live in Christian community and to show the love of Jesus to others. We will explore together the faith and Christian practices of our earliest brothers and sisters in Christ. I think it will be fun and interesting. Everyone is welcome!

FROZEN YOGURT: Join us after worship today for free frozen yogurt with your choice of toppings! First Lutheran was entered in a drawing at Utopia Frozen Yogurt (which is located here in Ellensgburg). The winner, which turned out to be FLC, receives free yogurt for everyone during a congregational event. We asked them to come today as we are celebrating the first day of Sunday School classes for the school year. Thank you to Utopia for providing us with a delicious treat!

CLOTHING CENTER EVENT SEPTEMBER 22ND Clothing Center Give-Away on Sat, Sept 22nd 9AM-3PM The First United Methodist Clothing Center will be hosting a Back to School ‘Clothing Give-Away’ for those in need, on Saturday, September 22nd from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM in the Ellensburg First United Methodist Church Courtyard. Due to the success of the previous events, the clothing center hopes to expand services beyond children grades K-12. The clothing center is interested in meeting the needs of those in the community as fall turns the corner. The church remains determined to meet the clothing needs of Ellensburg in the future. The clothing center will not be taking any donations.

Thrivent Dinner for all Thrivent members. September 29th, 5:30pm at Ellensburg Pasta Company. For more information please contact James Stolte or Don Morris.

Youth(+) Sunday School: Want to know the Bible better? Starting this week, there’s a Sunday School year dedicated to just that. Together, we’ll develop a greater understanding of one of God’s greatest gifts: that collection of 66 books we call the “Bible.” Using Larry Richards’ Smart Guide to the Bible—and Bibles, of course!—we’ll read stories, talk theology, and share thoughts about this amazing text. And, if you have your own Bible, take it off the shelf or nightstand and bring it to church. Mark it up. Highlight passages. Make notes in the margins. (And if you don’t have a Bible, we’ll help get you one). Everyone sixth grade and above is invited. We start at 9:00 a.m. and end by 9:45 (so acolytes can be on time). This morning, we did some basic introductions and talked about the year. Next week we’ll start with Genesis, the first book in a wild story about what happens after God creates the world.

Youth Email List: Now that FLC is between Youth Directors, communication with Youth — and Youth families — may be a bit trickier. The best way to keep up with any Youth events or programs is to get on the Youth Email list. To be included, email

The Fall Youth Program: Staff and volunteers are working to keep an active and growing Youth program at FLC this fall. If you would like to be part of this, please email So far, we have some fantastic events and discipleship opportunities planned for the next few months, but we need help to make it all work.

Can You Lead ONE Event? Perhaps you’re interested in helping out with — or leading — a Youth event, but are terrified that saying, “yes,” will lead to a lifetime commitment and a permanent place on the Youth request list. Not so. As we attempt to plan Youth events and programs for the year, we’re looking for volunteers who will take one — and one only — event. So far, we have adult volunteer leaders for the Corn Maze, Fish-Bowling, and maybe a couple other programs. Perhaps you’re comfortable organizing a Parents’ Night Out or Christmas Cookie Baking. If so, please let Joe or Pastor Dennis know. Thanks.

Diabetes & Hypertension Specialty Clinic: The Ellensburg Community Health Clinic will host four additional clinics per month starting in October, free of charge. The clinics will take place the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays in Ellensburg at St. Andrew’s Catholic Church located on 401 South Willow from 6:30 PM‐8:00 PM. The 2nd Wednesday will focus on nutrition classes, while the 4th Wednesday will focus on healthcare. Nutrition classes focus on teaching healthy eating habits to prevent diseases and help manage blood sugar, high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol and weight. The healthcare portion focuses on Diabetes and Hypertension care for patients.For more information please call Matt Kottong at (509)929.7266 or email at

Annual FLCW Rummage Sale

Fri., September 21st ~ 9:00-4:00

Sat., September 22nd ~ 9:00-1:00

Time for some fall cleaning—we’re now in need of your items for our rummage sale!

Items may be brought to the church beginning tomorrow, September 17th until noon on Thursday, September 20th.

Please, no magazines, shoes, cell phones, computers, or exercise equipment, and make sure all appliances and clothing are clean and ready for use.

We will need help marking items and organizing the donations. Please drop in during the week to help when you can.

We need lots of help the day and a half of the sale and help with loading leftovers into pickups Saturday a.m.

We will also need many pies and bread! BAKERS—Please bring your baked goods in by Friday morning!

All proceeds from the sale are given to charities.

Any questions? Please call Donna Morris, Diana Lien, Linda Strand or Ann Ringe.