September 16, 2018

Post date: Sep 13, 2018 4:35:23 PM

Flowers for today are provided by Delores Vietzke in honor of birthdays.

FISH Special Offering for the month of August was $387.00.

Soup, Soup, Soup………..we are still collecting soup for FISH Food Bank. This will continue through October. Thank you to all those who have donated.

The Rummage Sale is coming soon: October 5-6. Time to start sorting through clothes, books, etc. at home to donate. All proceeds go to worthy charities. Linda Strand is heading it up again.

Youth Activities

FLC Youth (6th grade to 12th grade)

**Family Fun Night Haunted Maze Planning Committee (FFNHMPC) - Meeting after church today. Shopping day on Saturday, Sept 22.

Next weekend - Nailed it! Will your individual edible decor win you the chef's hat? Will your team walk away with the main prize? Three ovens. Two kitchens. One winning team! 1 to 4 pm

October 6 - 12th man decorating party 3 to 5 pm. Get to the church early and scoop up some rummage sale goodies!

October 7 - 12th man fundraiser! Let's raise the roof on the new Lazy F dining hall! Sign up to bring food and help with duties during the service!!

FLC Families:

Halloween Family Fun night: October 10th at 6 pm. Come dressed in costume and prepared for fun!