September 2, 2012

Post date: Aug 30, 2012 4:26:51 PM

Women’s Retreat: This fall, instead of having our Women’s Retreat at Lazy F, we are planning to attend the EWA/ID Synod Women’s Gathering held this year at the Red Lion Hotel in Wenatchee, September 28-30. All women are encouraged to participate. Pastor Susan Briehl will be the speaker using Colossians 2:6 for the theme, “Born, Called, Caught.” Please find more detailed information and the registration forms on the table in the fellowship hall and more info in our September FLARE newsletter.

Youth Email List: As Joe transitions out as Youth Director, communication with Youth — and Youth families — will get a bit trickier. The best way to keep up with any Youth events or programs is to get on the Youth Email list. To be included, email

The Fall Youth Program: Staff and volunteers are working to keep an active and growing Youth program at FLC this fall. If you would like to be part of this, please email So far, we have some fantastic events and discipleship opportunities planned for the next few months, but we need help to make it all work.

Can You Lead ONE Event? Perhaps you’re interested in helping out with — or leading — a Youth event, but are terrified that saying, “yes,” will lead to a lifetime commitment and a permanent place on the Youth request list. Not so. As we attempt to plan Youth events and programs for the year, we’re looking for volunteers who will take one — and one only — event. So far, we have adult volunteer leaders for the Corn Maze, Fish-Bowling, and maybe a couple other programs. Perhaps you’re comfortable organizing a Parents’ Night Out or Christmas Cookie Baking. If so, please let Joe know. And if you act quickly (before September 15), Joe can even put together an event packet (including sign-up sheets, posters, and bulletin announcements). Thanks.

Confirmation Pizza Feed and Information Night, Wednesday, September 12th 6:30p.m. For students and parents (families welcome). We’ll welcome our new students and welcome back our ongoing students. I’ll try to answer questions and do some acolyte training.

Please RSVP with Pastor Dennis: Church 925-2844 or home 933-2605 so he orders enough pizza or e-mail the church at if that’s easier. High School Students welcome, too. Come meet with Joe and get an overview of the year’s events.

Stewardship Stu here with a question... Do you want to share your wealth with others in this community? Most people don't. Most people feel like they've earned what they have through hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and personal commitment. Many think that there is some passage in the Bible that says God help those who help themselves. It's bunk. The Bible is very clear that the rain that falls on the just falls as sweetly on the unjust. The message of Scripture is absolutely certain. We are God's People. We have been blessed to be a blessing. We are our brother's keeper. It is our calling to be recognized by our love. The good life we have is not because we somehow deserve it, it's a matter of time, place, birth-order, and opportunity. We are who we are because we are where and when we are. God's blessing is for all people, everywhere, in all conditions. What an incredible chance we have to witness our Faith. God has blessed us to be a blessing. Is a tithe, ten percent of your bounty, too much to give in joyful response to your wealth? We all pay taxes, we all pay for new roads and Police protection, we understand the corporate needs of the government that keeps us rolling as a country. That's being a good citizen. What does being a Christian mean to you? Are you willing to be your brother's keeper? Do you want to be known by your love? Time is short. Don't waste the opportunity to participate in the Kingdom of God. Hey, do what you can and I'll see you in Church. Stu

Thrivent Dinner for all Thrivent members. September 29th, 5:30p at Ellensburg Pasta Company. For more information please contact James Stolte or Don Morris.