September 25, 2011

Post date: Sep 22, 2011 4:50:57 PM

Don’t forget choir rehearsals begin this Thursday at 7p.m. in the Sanctuary.

Flowers for today are provided by Dan & Cheryl Barnhart in honor of son Micah’s 18th birthday.

Sept. 23, 2011 marked Geraldine Childress’ 80th birthday. Twenty years ago we almost lost her, but God apparently wasn’t quite finished with her yet! We, her family, have been blessed with 20 more years with her and we look forward to many more. After the

service today, please enjoy some cake in honor of Geraldine’s most marvelous 80 years.

The women’s rummage sale is this Friday and Saturday. Starting tomorrow through Thursday, please bring your items in. Clean clothes, books, kitchen and household items gladly accepted! (No electronics, shoes, exercise equipment or magazines). Men are doing soup and bread for lunch. Please have pies here by Friday morning the 30th.

Would you like to run the sound system? We only have 2 sound operators now and it would be nice to have at least 2 more, so if you would like to help run the sound system, please see or call James Stolte (962-1086) or leave your name in the office. Training will be provided.

Confirmation News: Classes start Wednesday, September 28th 6:30-7:30p.

Address Change: Kris & Opal Solberg 802 E. Mountain View Dr. #157, Ellensburg.

Stewardship: Many of us have become good stewards because we had witnessed our

parent's generosity towards the church. We pray each parent will take this opportunity to encourage their children to be good stewards in whatever church they belong, here or other places. The youth will be examples for the next generations, so help challenge them to give of their wonderful talents and share whatever moneys they can. We need to think of Stewardship as a natural order of our Christian life. God has been good to us and it is our responsibility to serve the Lord with our financial support and talents.

Adult Education on Sundays: 8:45 to 9:45a.m.We are studying “The Jesus Creed” (Love God and love neighbor): A DVD/Discussion Bible Study featuring Scott McKnight.

Everyone is welcome to join Pastor Dennis in the Chapel Room.

The Women’s Retreat is just a few weeks away on October 14-16 at Lazy F Camp.

Registration forms are available on the small table in the fellowship hall. Please turn in your form to the church office SOON! Our theme this year is “Abundance” based on John 10:10. We hope you join us—all women are invited.

Men’s Lunch Tuesday, September 27th at 11:45a.m. Rodeo City BBQ.

Event Planning Meeting: On our original schedule, we hoped to have an Youth Event Planning Meeting this Sunday. That meeting will move to next Sunday, October 2.

Youth Night: Wednesday, from 6:30 to 7:45, Youth Night returns for its usual format. We invite all high school students (and interested college students) for an hour set apart for growing in the knowledge of Jesus Christ ... and a few games and snacks.

Confirmation Students and Parents: All Confirmation students are invited to stay after Confirmation class for a joint prayer and game with the Youth Night group. We usually finish by 7:45

Fall Youth Schedule:

Grab a copy of the September/October event schedule on the Youth/kids table. Here’s a quick overview of events.

10/2 Rescheduled Event Planning Meeting (after Sunday worship)

10/16 Youth Quake/Youth Zone sign-up deadline (see “Youth Zones” announcement)

10/22* Apple gleaning (for cider)

10/23* Apple cider press at the Strands’ house (following worship)

10/30 Corn Maze in Union Gap. Leaving FLC @ 5:45

*Note: These dates may change due to the apple season.

Youth Zones/ Youth Quake. FLC Youth have attended the Youth Zones/ Youth Quake events — open to middle and senior high students — in past years, though we missed last year. Start planning now for this great time of worship. Dates are set for Friday,

November 18 through Sunday, November 20. More information will come soon,

including a sign-up sheet and expected costs. If you are interested, check the web site ( Our deadline for sign-up is Sunday, October 16. If you decide to attend after that date, you will pay a “late” registration and need to confirm openings. Pray and plan now!

Youth Updates: Do you want Youth updates through e-mail? If so, please e-mail Joe at to be included on our news and events e-mail list. You can also watch the bulletin, the FLC web site, the Youth Facebook page, and the FLARE for more information.

Stewardship Stu here with a question.

Ever wondered why the Stewardship Ministry asks you to return a commitment form? There are a couple of reasons. The first, and most important, is that we earnestly hope you will be challenged to pray about your Church, the staff, the ministry, and the future of First Lutheran, and why you should include your giving as an important part of your budget. The second reason is that the figures that come back will be supplied to the Church Council to aid them in

preparing next years' annual budget.

Our Church operates on Faith and Grace. Traditionally our annual budget has reflected the hopes and desires we share rather than good business. That's a good thing. God continues to bless us even though we've fallen short of our financial goals again this year. My prayer is that you take a personal stand, that you realize the blessing of giving, and that you commit a larger portion of your income to the work of the Church. Through our Lord we have such an opportunity to bring about the Kingdom in our community and throughout the world as well as maintaining our buildings and paying our staff acceptable wages.

Just a note about the commitment cards you'll be filling out: You'll notice there is a place for your name... Please know that is only an option. Your pledge is between you and God. If you decide to include your name it will never be used in any way by the Stewardship Ministry or any other committee, but don't think you need to sign it because it is truly a personal commitment. Actually, that space wasn't supposed to be there... we borrowed the form from an ELCA source and forgot to delete it. I'm sorry about that, but encourage you with all my heart to honestly

commit to supporting First Lutheran, and to return your pledge as a sign of your Faith and Thankfulness.

See you in Church. Peace. Stu

FLU Shots: Kittitas County Health Department will host their drive through flu shot clinic on Saturday, October 1st at Grand Meridian Cinema Parking lot 504 E. Mountain View Ave.

Influenza vaccines are $30, Pneumonia vaccine is $67, and children under 18 are free.

E-prayer: Several members of FLC have expressed interest in having an e-prayer chain. (Our telephone prayer chain will keep going, of course. And if you would rather be part of that, let the church office know.) We could easily send our prayer requests via e-mail from the church office. E-mail us here at: if you would like to be part of e-prayer chain.