April 2017

Post date: Mar 30, 2017 6:28:12 PM

Spring and Resurrection

I went running along the Iron Horse trail today, March 14th, at noon….in my shorts! It was the first time since November that I wore shorts rather than sweat pants while running. And it was the first time since snow fell in December that I ran along the Iron Horse trail. My 54 year old knees and back really like the softer surface of the trail, but it had been covered with ice and snow until this week. So I had been pounding the pavement for 3 months during our extended winter. To run along the quiet Iron Horse trail with no cars to contend with felt like spring time and a mini resurrection. And then I caught a brief glimpse of a muskrat in the water beside the trail and I saw my first rabbit of the year. Spring is in the air! Of course the robins and red-winged black birds were out. They thought it was spring a month ago when there was still a foot and a half of snow on the ground. In front of the church a few crocuses and primroses are already blooming. Spring is in the air…and resurrection!

Truth is, resurrection would be in the air even if spring time wasn’t. In the southern hemisphere, Christians celebrate Easter, the Resurrection of Jesus, even in their autumn time while the landscape is dying. In the northern hemisphere, spring and Easter coincide with each other, which is nice. But of course the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus is not dependent on warmer temperatures and flowers blooming.

During the first half of April this year, we are still in the season of Lent: that season of prayer, fasting, repentance and loving good works which draws us closer to God and our neighbors. On April 9th we celebrate Palm/Passion Sunday as we begin holy week together and come to the main things in our Christian faith.

On Maundy Thursday, April 13th, we celebrate, through a drama this year, the last supper of our Savior Jesus with his disciples. Our Methodist friends will join us here for worship at 7 pm.

On Good Friday, April 14th, we join our Methodist friends at their church building to remember with deep, solemn gratitude the price Jesus paid to redeem us and the whole world from sin, death and evil. “Behold the life giving cross on which was hung the salvation of the whole world!”

And finally on Sunday April 16th, we celebrate that day of days: the day that changed the world forever: the day God opened the door to new and eternal life for all believers through the resurrection of God’s Son, our Savior Jesus.

And we keep on celebrating Easter, the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus. In the church year we celebrate for 7 weeks, a week of weeks, 49 days, all the way up to Pentecost Sunday on the 50th day. The earth-shattering news of the Resurrection of our Savior Jesus is too good of news to be confined to one Sunday. Truth is, every Sunday is a “little Easter”, a little celebration of Jesus’ victory over the grave for us. Truth is, we are always called to live as Easter people: unafraid, secure in the baptism-resurrection promise of our Loving God.

Spring is in the air, but Resurrection even more so!

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

Pastor Dennis