July~August 2014

Post date: Jun 26, 2014 6:52:13 PM

“Summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime”—as the little ditty goes. Children and students and teachers sure look forward to summer and not having to be in school. Adults look forward to perhaps a little more relaxed pace at work and home. Although I know it’s the busy season for any jobs related to construction or agriculture.

I think nearly everyone enjoys the warmer weather and the longer daylight hours. I always enjoy seeing the flowers and roses bloom in the yard and the veggies growing in the garden. For many, summer is a time to travel and get together with family and friends. I look forward to hiking in our beautiful Cascade Mountains. The forests and lakes and peaks always refresh my soul. What do you do for R & R in the summer? What refreshes your soul and recharges your batteries? I pray you have some time to do that this summer.

In the church, after the flurry of activity during Vacation Bible School June 29 through July 3, we are in a more relaxed pace of life. Of course, we still have Sunday worship service at 10 am and Thursday Bible study at 9 am and a host of youth activities. But things do slow down in the summer as we rest in God’s care. In the church year we are in the long green season of “Sundays after Pentecost”, which runs from June 15th through November 23rd, with a few festival Sundays in there. The color is green to correspond with the growth of the landscape and the growth of our Christian faith. I pray that you find opportunities to keep growing in your faith this summer, whether here at FLC or at other churches you might visit on your travels. Daily prayer and devotion time in the morning and/or evening are good ways to keep growing in faith. Take a “Christ in our Home” or “The Word in Season” with you along with your Bible when you travel and when you are at home.

Have a great summer. Grow in Christ. And we’ll see you in worship.

Pastor Dennis