June 2018

Post date: May 31, 2018 3:55:15 PM

Dear People of God,

Renewal: Life is about constant renewal. We have been in our little house on Cora Street for 15 years this summer. As all home owners do, we have had to gradually replace things over the years to renew the house: things like the refrigerator and the stove. Last year it was the hot water heater. This year we needed to replace the gas furnace which was 28 years old, and was making more and more noise. We upgraded from an 80% efficiency to a 95% efficiency and added air conditioning while we were at it. The AC will definitely be refreshing and renewing this summer! By the time you read this, hopefully the patio slider door will be fixed. The rollers need replacing, (we are waiting for parts) and it’s a major effort to get it open. I’m surprised the original dishwasher is still working. The wooden deck out back is rotting and definitely needs replacing. I’m still dragging sprinkler hose around. Maybe next year we will invest in a sprinkler system or repair the crumbling driveway. Everything in or on a house eventually needs renewing.

Throughout the month of June we are in the “Sundays after Pentecost” in the church year. This is the long, green growing season of renewal, which lasts clear up until Advent. The lawns and gardens, fields and orchards are green and growing with the warmth of summer. As Christians, we are also growing, renewing, yet still green, in our spiritual lives. What keeps you growing in the Spirit? What gives you spiritual refreshment, renewal and growth?

I will be at Pacific Lutheran University June 11-13 for three days of continuing education. PLU always puts on some good continuing education classes for pastors. This refreshes me spiritually. Our son Kyle will be home for the summer from college and we always enjoy spending time together: walking the dog together and talking about life.

In the summer I enjoy puttering in the garden and yard. There is something about getting my hands in the dirt and working with God’s marvelous creation which is life-giving and spiritually refreshing and renewing to me.

And of course I enjoy hiking. You knew I was going to say that. One of my favorite things in the summer time is going hiking in our nearby beautiful mountains. As the snow melts off, I look forward to getting into the high country. It lifts my soul to hike familiar trails, explore new ones and see God’s beautiful forests, peaks and mountain lakes. I am renewed and refreshed by spending time in God’s creation.

I also like to sit in the shade and read a good book in the summer. And I enjoy eating breakfast outside on the deck with my devotion books and Bible. The quiet prayer time is refreshing and renewing to me.

What keeps you growing in the Spirit? What gives you spiritual refreshment and renewal in the summer time?

Peace in Christ,

Pastor Dennis