May 2012

Post date: Apr 26, 2012 6:19:5 PM

Christ is risen! The Spirit is blowing!

During most of May we are still in the great “Feast of Easter” season. Easter Day was April 8th, but we celebrate the

resurrection of our Lord Jesus for a full seven weeks in the church year. During these 50 days of Easter we hear and celebrate the many resurrection appearances of Jesus. Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene and Peter and John (John 20:1-18). Jesus appears to the 10 disciples hiding behind the locked door and then to Thomas (John 20:19-28). Jesus appears to the disciples on the road to

Emmaus and then back in Jerusalem (Luke 24). We hear how Jesus is the Good Shepherd who lays down his life for the sheep (John 10:1-18). We hear about Jesus our true vine (John 15:1-8), Jesus our abiding love (John 15:9-17), and Jesus our protector and the one who sends us into the world (John 17:11-19).

Easter is about the joy and assurance that Christ is risen from the dead and because he lives we too shall live. We live with Jesus in new life now and we shall live with him in the full

kingdom of God forever.

Pentecost is about the outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit upon all believers. In the church year we celebrate the Festival of

Pentecost 50 days after Easter. This year Pentecost Sunday is May 27th. We read about the Holy Spirit blowing mightily (Spirit and wind are the same word both in Greek and in Hebrew) and

empowering the believers to proclaim the mighty acts of God to people of many languages and cultures. Every baptized believer is given the gift of the Holy Spirit to guide his or her life. Every Christian is also given gifts through the Holy Spirit for telling and sharing the love of Jesus in words and in actions.

Pentecost is by far the longest season of the church year and lasts clear through Christ the King Sunday towards the end of

November. Perhaps the long green growing season of Pentecost represents the long years after youth in our own lives in which we continue to grow and

mature in the love of our Savior Jesus.

Christ is risen! The Spirit is blowing!

Pastor Dennis