May 2014

Post date: Apr 29, 2014 4:59:28 PM

At our Kittitas Valley Ministerial Assoc. lunch meeting in April, Pastor Fred Lampley shared this brief devotional. He was in one of our grocery stores a week or so before Easter and the loud speaker interrupted the musak with this question. “What is the most important thing about Easter?” Of course, all of us pastor types started making unhelpful suggestions like, “The Easter bunny. Candy. Colored eggs.” But the answer that came over the store loud speaker was, “The ham.” Hmm. Now granted, this is a grocery store, so of course, it is trying to sell food. And I am fully aware that a grocery store can’t really endorse anything religious. Besides, I really like ham. I eat a lot of ham sandwiches and we did have ham for Easter dinner at the Hickman house. I just wish the store loudspeaker had asked, “What is the most important thing about Easter DINNER?” Rather than “What is the most important thing about EASTER?”

I don’t really have to spell it out to you, my brothers and sisters in Christ, that the most important thing about Easter is: “Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!” Throughout the month of May we are still in our seven week feast of Easter. I’m not saying you should eat ham for 49 days straight (or turkey or beef or chicken or tofu or whatever), but rather that the season of Easter is 7 weeks long in the church year. The resurrection of our Savior Jesus is just too good of news to be contained in one day, so we celebrate for a full 7 weeks, clear up until Pentecost Sunday. And as I’ve mentioned before, every Sunday is really a “little Easter”: a little celebration of Christ’s victory over sin and death for us and the new and everlasting life God so graciously gives to us.

In the northern hemisphere, we also get to enjoy the resurrection of the landscape during the Easter season. Christ is risen! And the grass is greening up. Christ is risen! And the song birds are returning. Christ is risen! And the pink and white trees are blooming and fragrant. Christ is risen! And the smell of skunk is in the air! Christ is risen! And the beautiful yellow daffodils and red tulips are flowering. Christ is risen! And the days are longer and warmer.

I’ve sometimes wondered what the seasons of Lent and Easter would be like in the southern hemisphere where the seasons are opposite ours. Lent might actually seem more in tune with the shortening days and colder temperatures as we consider our own mortality and our hope in God alone. And Easter would still be the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus, even as the landscape dies and goes dormant. Jesus’ victory over sin and death for us by his own death on the cross is in no way dependent on the tilt of the earth. And Jesus’ resurrection from death with the new and lasting life he freely offers us has occurred regardless of the angle of the sun.

What is the most important thing about Easter? It’s not the ham.

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

Pastor Dennis

You know it’s really baseball season when…..Overheard at the communion rail one Sunday:

Pastor: “I would love to discuss the Mariner’s chances in the playoffs Ms. Thundermuffin, but the worship service is already running long.”