November 2014

Post date: Oct 28, 2014 5:54:12 PM

Dear People of God,

“Autumn is another spring where every leaf is a flower.” I think the naturalist John Muir said that. At the end of October there certainly are beautiful colors everywhere as the tree leaves turn red and golden: a last “hurrah” before winter. Of course, we get to rake all those beautiful leaves when they fall to the ground.

In our Northern hemisphere, November always means the dying of the landscape. The flowers and gardens get frosted and die. The grass turns brown and stops growing. (I’m always ready for a break from mowing the lawn.) It reminds me that we have a dying and rising Savior. Jesus, the Son of God, became truly human for us and died on a nasty cross to forgive our sins and save us. There’s no getting around death for the landscape or for us human beings. Of course Jesus also rose from the dead to give us new and everlasting life. Thanks be to God! But November reminds me that we have a theology of the cross, rather than a theology of glory. Jesus really went to the cross and died for us, rather than just jumping straight to glory, which would have left us out of the loop.

In the church calendar, a lot happens during the month of November. We begin with All Saint’s Sunday on Nov 2nd. We remember and give thanks for the lives of our brothers and sisters in the faith who have died and now are at rest and peace with Jesus and the Father. At First Lutheran this includes Opal Solberg, Grace Meyer, Ian Smith and Shirley Fagerlie within the last year. This year, on November 9th, we celebrate Confirmation Sunday. Amber Koss, Emily Dittmer and Luke Michel will be affirming their baptisms: saying “Yes” to the promises made in baptism. I hope you will come and hear their faith statements and celebrate with them. Christ the King Sunday on Nov 23 is the last Sunday of the church year. Before we move into another church year, we say resoundingly that Christ Jesus is our king: by his cross and resurrection he is our King and Savior. November 27th is our national Day of Thanksgiving. We pause with family and friends to give thanks to God for all his many blessing to us. This year we will have a soup supper and informal worship service at 6 pm Tues Nov 25. November 30th is the First Sunday in Advent and begins a new church year. We prepare for Jesus’ advent, his coming among us as a baby and as the Savior and judge of all humanity.

May the good Lord bless and keep you through all the seasons of the year and all the seasons of your lives.

Serving God and neighbor together with you,

Pastor Dennis