November 2016

Post date: Oct 26, 2016 6:8:49 PM

Dear People of God,

During the month of November we are wrapping up the current church year and preparing for the next. We are finishing up the year of “mostly Luke” and preparing for the year of “mostly Matthew.”

November 6th is All Saints’ Sunday, as well as being Stewardship Consecration Sunday here at FLC. All Saints’ Day is actually Nov. 1, but we celebrate All Saints’ Sunday on November 6th by remembering the saints above. We give thanks for the great Christian examples of famous saints above like Francis of Assisi and Mother Theresa. But we also remember and give thanks for the lives of our dear loved ones who have died in the faith. I naturally think of my father, my father-in-law and my grandparents. During worship I will read the names of FLC members who have died in the past year and are now singing in the heavenly choir: namely Bob Case, Neal Person, Mary Weeks, Elna Johnson and June Farrell. During the prayers that Sunday there will be time for you to name aloud your loved ones who have died in the faith recently. In a larger sense all of us still on earth are also saints. We are all sinners for sure, but at the same time saints, because of the forgiveness and life Jesus Christ gives us through his death and resurrection.

Christ the King Sunday concludes the church year on Nov 20th. On the final Sunday of the year we celebrate Jesus Christ as the goal and redemption of humanity and all creation. Of course, our National Day of Thanksgiving falls on Nov. 24th. It is wonderful to gather with family and friends and give thanks to God for all his goodness to us. As I’m fond of saying, every day is really Thanksgiving Day for Christians. Every day we thank and praise God for daily bread, life and salvation.

This year the First Sunday of Advent lands on Nov. 27th. Most of our Gospel readings in the new church year will be from Matthew, with generous helpings of the Gospel of John sprinkled in from time to time. Advent means “the coming.” We prepare our hearts and minds and hands and voices to welcome again God’s Son Jesus, our Savior and the Savior of the world.

Serving God and Neighbor with you, Pastor Dennis