November 2020

Post date: Oct 29, 2020 3:39:42 PM

Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes! As the old song says.

This COVID epidemic we are living in and through is bringing about unforeseen changes at First Lutheran Church. In short, both our choir director and ministry associate have resigned.

Realizing that singing together as a choir will not be a safe thing to do for at least a year, Tor Blaisdell has resigned. Also, since both Tor and Gayla teach voice at CWU, they feel like they are already getting plenty of COVID exposure and don’t want to risk more. Be sure and thank Tor for his years directing our church choir and for his marvelous solos. Who knows, a year form now, if conditions improve, we may seek to employ Tor’s very capable choir directing abilities again. Thank you, Tor!

Carla Bergman, our long time ministry associate is also resigning at the end of 2020. Carla has been on unpaid leave since April (her choice), but realizes she is not comfortable coming back any time soon. Carla has been First Lutheran’s ministry associate for 29 years! We will miss her gentle, caring ways with our kids and ourselves. I miss her as a trusted co-worker in Christ. We would love to have a big Thank you party or dinner in her honor, but we can’t do that in these times. Help me think of a good and safe way to say “Thank you so much!” Carla does plan on continuing, of course, as a beloved member of First Lutheran Church.

With Carla’s resignation we are planning on combining some of the ministry associate duties with the youth director position. Carla also recommends this. We would then have just one approximately 3/4 time Youth and Family Director. We are still working on a job description, but this person would primarily work with kids of all ages, little ones through high school. If you know of qualified candidates, please send them our way. They would need some education background, a love for children, and a love for Jesus Christ and the church.

About the only thing happening for young people right now is confirmation classes. I know we are somewhat limited in these COVID times, but we can and need to be doing much more. It is so important to teach and live the Christina faith and love of Jesus among our young ones.

Life is change. But the constant love of our Savior Jesus is with us through all changes.

Peace in Jesus, Pastor Dennis

P.S. Rest assured that I have no plans to leave (unless you are thoroughly sick of me). Christine Rice continues on as our very capable office administrator. And Betty Kramlich will keep on making beautiful music on the organ and piano.