January 10, 2023

First Lutheran Church Council Minutes – January 10, 2023


Council Members present: Debbie Butler, Jan McElroy, Rod Johnson, Sheila Johnson, Joslyn LaVera, Ida Malde, Pete Petersen

Council members absent:   Eric Merten, Kara Danna

Non-council members present: Pastor Dennis Hickman, Julie Anna Boss.


Devotions were given by Sheila Johnson.

Sheila ended in prayer for the council to look forward and follow up on the strategic planning made.


Rod and Sheila were thanked for their service on council as this is their last meeting.


 The February devotions will be given by Pete Petersen.


It was moved by Rod Johnson, seconded by Pete Petersen, and passed to approve the December 2022 council minutes.


Old Business:

Multi-purpose room roof leak- It’s most likely a drain issue on the outside pipe and should be looked at by a plumber. The problem needs to be confirmed before it can be fixed.

Rod noted that pipes can be lined without being removed.


Debit card- the church now has one in JulieAnna’s name and she is the only authorized person to use it. It does work.

The office is going to create a log for purchases and the ministry to charge to.


AED in the church- JulieAnna reported no purchase yet and no classes scheduled for training.

Rod motioned and Sheila seconded that the church buy one, passed.

JulieAnna is reaching out to Red Cross for classes in AED and CPR. The classes may be open to the community not just FLC members.




New Business:

Kitchen Supplies- It is not clear who orders or pays for kitchen supplies. The women’s group used to but that group is no longer together.


Sheila and Joslyn will work to create a master inventory list and get the needs to JulieAnna for purchasing. Past purchases were charged to Thrivent dollars but a church account should be found for such things.



Pastor’s Report: - See attached for the full report

The pastor’s written report was given to council. Items and council discussion included:

A big lighting project for the sanctuary replacing bulbs and fixtures is in the works.


The risograph is done, discussion on replacement was had. The copier is being used now but that puts more use on it. It is being leased and the office will see about options for a bigger one.


Cold weather shelter is going to start using the dishes and dishwasher instead of paper and plastic.


January 15- Annual Report committee reports due

January 22- Budget forum meeting after church service

January 29- Annual meeting with potato feed


Outreach: Kara and Eric were absent. Discussion was had about the weekend nutrition project and that there is not enough funds to last the rest of the school year. Jan will speak with Judy Ragland about a cash tree for the congregation to donate to so Judy can use the funds to buy in bulk.


Worship and Music: You tube had no January 1 service. The office is looking into having more of the Staff trained to work with the system.


Choir is back after a short break and the search for a choir director continues.


Stewardship: Pete Petersen reported that giving is good, we ended 2022 with a surplus. There was no downward trend in 2022 and that is possibly due to the automatic payments many use.


Youth and Education: JulieAnna reported that more teachers are needed for the second Sunday School class forming.

The VBS curriculum has been chosen, a space theme.

The youth from the Episcopal Church will be joining the FLC youth.

26 cards were mailed to the Sunday School kids.

A Christmas craft party was had for the youth who were in the Christmas program.

The nursery is being used on Sundays.


Congregational Life:  Ida reported the Music Fest was great and the Advent potluck was good and well attended


Property Management:

The sink and fan in the ladies restroom off the kitchen were fixed.

A fan in the sanctuary will be looked at to be fixed when the lighting project is being done.


South Property: JulieAnna reported that all is going well and rent will be going up for some tenants.


Some money was spent removing the mountain of snow in the parking lot.


IT: No report


Financial Report: See attached for a full report


·        Contributions to FISH for June totaled $1503.02.

·        Contributions to ELCA Disaster Response totaled $100.00


2023 Budget Proposal:

  Discussion was had on the 2023 budget proposal.

     Amendments were made to the Education fund.

Rod moved and Pete seconded to pass the Amended 2023 proposed budget, passed.




·        The next council meeting will be held on Tuesday February 7   at 6:30pm.


·         The meeting was adjourned with prayer.


Respectfully submitted by Jan McElroy.

Pastor’s report to church council Jan 10, 2023


1Christmas Eve and Christmas Day worship services went well.  Thanks to Judy Ragland for playing organ for both.  And thanks to Pastor Mary Johnson for preaching and leading holy communion on Jan 1.       The Hickman’s had a good Christmas vacation with family.  Hope you all had some good times with family and friends.


2. Thanks again to our members who volunteer at our cold weather shelter on Tues. nights: Debbie Butler, Rod Johnson, Neslunds, George Grigg(morning) and more.  It’s going well, although a few aggressive folks have been banned from the shelter for the season.  And many thanks to people bringing crock pots of food for dinner on Tues. nights.


3. Budget forum will happen Sun Jan 22 after worship.  The annual meeting of FLC will be after worship on Sun Jan 29 (After partaking of the youth’s fabulous baked potato bar, of course). We still need to recruit 2 new council members.  So far I have only gotten “no’s”.


4. Many thanks to Julie Anna for overseeing the Community Christmas give away, which was a big effort and helped a lot of people.


5. Special Olympics basketball is practicing in our gym on Thurs afternoons/evenings.


6. I call together and help lead the pastor’s Bible study on the second Tues (today) at Central Lutheran, Yakima.  I will attend the KVMA meeting this Thurs at Open Table.


7. Bible studies, men’s prayer lunches and choir are picking up again after Christmas break.


7. Sanctuary lighting project.   Gym roof/drain pipe leak.


8. Youth Snow play day at Lazy F on Sat Feb 4.


9. Red Cross blood drive in our gym on Feb 2, noon to 5?


10. Lee Bate’s choir “Vox Humana” is practicing here on Mon evenings starting Jan 16.


Next meeting Tues Feb 14.   Devotions?

                                                                                             Peace in Christ, Pastor Dennis


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